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Interactwive helps you to run your Twitter contests, removing the margin for error and handing control back to you.

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Collecting tweets, checking for links or followers, summarizing statistics and choosing winners, all in one web-based tool.

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How do Twitter contests work?

Offer some form of reward, and tell people what to tweet in order to enter your contest.


People enter your Twitter competition by mentioning your Twitter account. Optionally, limit further by requiring a link, phrase or hashtag to be included.

How Long?

You can set specific start and end dates on your competition. Interactwive will collect tweets only during this time, saving you the pain of checking the entry times by hand.


Your Twitter account will be the main focus of the competition; people need to mention it to enter, and you can limit winners to your Twitter account's followers.


Do you have a video or website you want to promote? You can choose to only accept tweets that contain a link (or links!), increasing your presence throughout the Twittersphere!

Just want a tool to make your life easier?

Here's why it's worth spending 30 seconds setting up your first Twitter contest with Interactwive:

  • Online tool: no software to install
  • Pick winners at random
  • Collects tweets for you
  • FREE for contests under 2 hours
  • Limit winners to followers
  • View live statistics
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