11 Useful Accounts to Follow on Twitter in 2023

Twitter is one of the biggest social media sites today and is a vast exchange arena. Information can be of multiple types— political, social, entertaining, etc. Twitter can also be a resource of helpful information if we know just the proper accounts to follow. In this article today, let us look at the 11 most useful Twitter accounts to follow in 2022.


Useful accounts to follow on Twitter

Following are some of the useful accounts that you can follow on Twitter.

CNN Breaking News

Everybody needs to be up to date with the latest news.

cnn breaking news

But who has the time to watch hour-long news programs anymore? With @cnnbrk, up-to-date breaking news can now be at your fingertips, which makes it one of the most important accounts to follow on Twitter in today’s times.

Mental Floss

As written in its bio, @mental_floss is a “Home for all things curious, including surprising facts; answers to life’s big questions; and untold stories from history, science, pop culture, and beyond.” You can gain quick knowledge just by following this account and never run out of exciting things to discuss at parties.

mental floss

Mental Floss covers various topics, and their articles are very well-researched. They also have a weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to. The link to the newsletter is right there on their Twitter account.

Lonely Planet

If you’re looking for places to travel and explore, you must follow @lonelyplanet! It has around 6 million followers and posts consistently, so you’re constantly updated about travel options.

    lonely planet

It provides well-organized expert information regarding travel, food, and all the subtopics you can think of that come under exploration!


With around 10M followers, @TechCrunch is your one-stop for all technology and business news. If you are interested in these fields, TechCrunch’s information is invaluable.


The account posts consistently. It also publishes information on all the new gadgets and changes in the technology world.

TED Talks

The TED Talks Twitter account provides a wide variety of information. They keep us updated on any new releases on their YouTube channel.

ted talks

Ted Talks is widely reputed for its quality seminars on YouTube. You undoubtedly never want to miss an update on that! They also post links to important and informative articles and resources.

Harvard Health

@HarvardHealth, run by Harvard’s medical school, provides valuable and trustworthy health information. They provide crucial insights on health that are necessary to understand our body and maintain our well-being.

harvard health

As said in their bio, “Knowledge is the best medicine”. The information they provide is, quite literally, life-saving.

Alt News

@AltNews is a project against disinformation. It updates daily about fake news and trends on social media. It busts and debunks even the most viral forwards. 

alt news

In today’s world governed by technology, it is essential to be vigilant of false information. Falling trap to such fake news can even cost you your life. Therefore, the work that Alt News does in busting misinformation is vital. They are also very approachable, and you can contact them regarding any type of shady posts or messages you may have received, and they will look into it.

The Blurt Foundation

Understanding mental health is essential in today’s world. In our busy lives, it’s very easy to overlook our mental health. @BlurtAlerts breaks down depression and provides resources to tackle it.

the blurt foundation

It also posts tips for self-care and increasing mindfulness. The account also tackles misinformation and the stigma that surrounds mental health.

The Muse

Looking to stay ahead on all things career and work? @TheMuse is the perfect place for you! It provides all the essential information necessary to stay up to date in the job market.

the muse

The Muse was founded to help people find work that aligns with their needs. This strong founding goal makes TheMuse the perfect account to follow if you’re looking to be hired or trying to get better and grab that promotion in your existing job.


Sporf is a must-have on your Twitter follow list for all international sports coverage. @Sporf posts live updates whenever an important match is going on. It tweets details of upcoming matches and even adds links to articles that are a must-read for anyone interested in the sports world.


Sporf also follows a simple design layout that quickly conveys information to its readers. The design also makes it perfect for sharing posts with your friends.

Tiny Care Bot

Self-care is necessary for 2022. @tinycarebot tweets out reminders to take care of yourself and give yourself space.

tiny care bot

This is an essential Twitter account, as even the smallest reminder to not be too hard on ourselves can work wonders.

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