How To Have A Blank Twitter Name? [Easy Guide]

We’d prefer nothing to appear under our profile name occasionally. For a variety of reasons, you might choose to omit your name. Extra privacy could be the most obvious choice. Some users may have had a bad experience on the network, possibly falling victim to bullies’ or stalkers’ exploitative behavior. It could also be required for institutional or organizational profiles. Perhaps the name should be left blank as part of your advertising strategy. It’s simple to accomplish this on Twitter, whatever your motivations may be. 

Twitter offers users a variety of customization options to personalize their profiles. Users can alter the background color, font style, font size, and font color, as well as their name, to suit their preferences.

What about leaving the name box empty, i.e., blank?


Is a Blank Name Allowed on Twitter? 

No, Twitter doesn’t allow you to leave your name blank from a post. Fortunately, other internet users who faced the same issue have discovered a solution.


A distinctive character from the internet must be copied and pasted in this situation. Twitter will automatically remove the unique character and display a blank space in its stead when you save your modifications.

A “Blank Twitter name” happens when someone changes their Twitter username to an empty field without any characters. Although having a blank Twitter name is forbidden, there is a workaround. Your Twitter name is not empty, despite the fact that it could seem that way to others. The approach we’ll show you is a workaround and is not authorized. As a result, there’s a chance Twitter will spot this flaw and patch it later.

How To Have A “Blank Twitter Name” Easily

It’s not that difficult to leave your name off Twitter. Although the workaround approach might seem a little difficult, it’s pretty simple. We are making it simpler by providing you with the unique character you need to copy and paste into Twitter.


Simply adhere to these simple instructions to have no name on Twitter.

  1. Open the Twitter website. You must now sign in to your account.
  2. On the screen’s left corner, click the profile icon.
  3. By doing so, a sidebar with profile settings will appear.
  4. Below the cover image, you will find a profile editing option. Just click it.
  5. In the name field, now copy and paste the following (without the quotation marks): ” “

To complete these adjustments, click Save. Your work is done here. If you reload your profile, your name will be gone!


  1. Open Twitter on your Smartphone.
  2. Tap the profile picture icon at the top, then tap the profile picture from the navigation drawer again.
  3. You will be taken to your profile page. Click on the Edit Profile option. 
  4. In the Name box, now copy and paste the following (without the quotation marks): ” “
  5. Click the Save button.

How to Add Symbols to Your Twitter Name

You can modify your Twitter name by copying and pasting additional symbols or special characters, much like the blank name approach. To replicate the symbol, adhere to the website’s instructions. Once that’s done, paste it into the Twitter name form.

blank name on twitter

The following websites provide several aesthetic icons for social media:


Here Are Some Important Pointers If You Want An Invisible Twitter Name:

  1. If you are a verified user, you might want to learn this before making your name invisible on Twitter because if you alter your name, it will be 30 days before you can change it again.
  2. You won’t see your name on Twitter. Your username will be the only thing left.
  3. Although your name is hidden, others can still see your tweets, retweets, and likes.

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On Twitter, removing your name is a relatively simple procedure. Although there isn’t a formal way to do so, there is a clever workaround. You must copy and paste a specific character while editing your profile. In actuality, this will make your Twitter profile’s name blank. I hope the advice above helped you preserve a blank Twitter name or change it to your liking!