How to Export List of Twitter Followers| Top 4 Ways

It can take a long time and be tedious to export a list of Twitter followers. It can be difficult and time-consuming to complete this process because Twitter does not, by default, export the following lists for any public Twitter accounts.

How quickly can the followers of any Twitter account be exported? What account is the most active among those listed below? Who are the accounts that tweet quite often? Who are the most well-known influencers just on the list below? Investigate the answers to these questions now!

It takes time and creates unneeded issues to copy and paste each account from the following list.

Many Twitter users are unaware of the network’s ability to export information related to their accounts. Using this method, you can export data just from your account. In addition to other metadata like tweets, location, device source, and many other data types, the techniques outlined below can export a list of all followers and follow.

Following are the ways to export a list of Twitter followers.

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Using the Twitter desktop app, how to retrieve your following list

  1. Sign up on Twitter’s website.
  2. On the menu on the left side of the landing page, select “More.”
  3. Then, select “Settings and privacy.”
  4. To download an app, select “Your Account.”

Twitter followers can be exported using TwExport ( A web extension in chrome browser)

Using a sophisticated Twitter tool only takes one click to export your Twitter followers and following to a CSV file.


Your follower and following list on Twitter can be exported to a CSV file with just one click; exactly how it works:

  1. Fill in the Twitter username.
  2. Choose a category for exports (followers or following list)
  3. Hit the export button.

Data are secure over here; our web server never sees any data processing; therefore, no one can see what you export. All data processing is done locally from your computer.

There are a few paid tools, some of which are good and come with loads of features.

Visit: TwExport


You may develop insights using this tool in addition to exporting your Twitter followers or following list, which makes it one of the best. More than 3000 businesses and marketers use it.


A list of the feature is below:

Total Number of Twitter Followers

You will receive every follower and following on Twitter for any public account.

Producing leads

Automatic extraction and validation of contact details, including email and phone number

Export Small or Large Accounts

We are prepared to export the account, whether it has one or ten million followers. Try it now, please!

Take a Twitter account download.

Obtain a copy of your or another account. Gain important knowledge about any rival, influencer, or brand.

Download in Excel or CSV format

Exportable, correctly prepared data in Excel or CSV files are easy to analyze.

15 minutes or less to receive the report

Your first report will be available in 15 minutes following a successful payment.

Another great website that is paid but comes with insights and analysis of your Twitter followers or following list.

Visit: ExportData


These are the procedures for utilizing FollowersAnalysis to download a list of followers.


  1. Click “Followers Analysis & Data” on the website.
  2. Select your preferred Twitter to handle and click “Submit.”
  3. A cost estimate for the data will be provided to you soon. The price varies depending on the account details.
  4. Click “Add to cart,” then “View Cart,” to add items to your shopping cart.
  5. Select Place Order. Open a new account or sign in to one you already have.
  6. After you make the payment, your report will begin to generate and be available for download in a little while.

You can follow these instructions to get follower data in CSV (Excel) format and other beneficial analytical information (in PDF).

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