3 Best Ways to Export Twitter Following List

Accessing Twitter’s following list is possible via downloading the data from a Twitter account using any particular owned account.

The Twitter platform enables the exposing of Twitter followers and the following listing in an excel or CSV, or data interchange format option. 


Ways to export Twitter following list

I will analyze the process in export Twitter export and the topic of how to export Twitter following list but ensure the user has owned an account to get the benefits of this method. 

Download and Export the following listing via Twitter 

  1. Browse Twitter and then log in to your account.
  2. There from the left panel, select more. 
  3. Click on settings and privacy. 
  4. Select your Account option 
  5. Select download an archive of your data option from there. 
  6. Enter the password you use for your Twitter account there.

Method for Twitter Android Application version 

The following method is to download the Twitter data from the official application (Android option).

  1. Open the Twitter application, and log in to the account. Select the profile image, which is available on the top side corner. 
  2. Now go to the menu here, and click on settings and privacy.
  3. Click on Account, and the account section chooses your Twitter data option.
  4. After clicking, a particular link will immediately be available, which will redirect you to download all your Twitter data options. 
  5. Method for downloading Twitter following listing, ensure that the specific account must be public.
  6. Choose an option like FollowersAnalysis.

If the Twitter account is in private mode, this method cannot track solid results. 


FollowersAnalysis is the third-party software that enables the export of Twitter following the listing of any open or public mode Twitter account by following up the step-by-step process. 

This tool enables drive followers listing, tweet informatics, location of the user, and users sources that can display in infographic PDF format.

FollowersAnalysis tool is generally an Artificial intelligence in-built tool with complete analytics data that can assist in this way and how it works to export Twitter following listing.

Browse the tool www.FollowersAnalysis.com

  1. Put the Twitter user name or user handle id in the appropriate box and submit button option.
  2. The next step will display the desired data in addition to the budget to provide those. 
  3. Select Add to cart option. After that, view cart, verify what kind of necessity you searched for, then select the place the order option.
  4. Then it will generate detailed analytics based on the user’s needs during the initial stage. 
  5. It will display the reports after selecting the My Reports option.


Visit: FollowersAnalysis

Twitter follower listing

The Twitter follower listing will generate a CSV file that includes data like:

User handle: Unique ID of the Twitter account.

Person Name: Real Name of the Twitter user.

User name: Username of the particular Twitter account.

Creation date: When created or joined date.

Authenticity: Verified account and non-verified account classification based on different criteria.

Twitter Bio: The bio added to the Twitter account.

Addition of Website details: Addition of any serving or relevant website URL associated with that person. 

Geolocation: Addition of location living or belonging to.

Tweets numbers: How many Tweets were posted by that Twitter user holder? 

Followers Numbers: How many followers are there?

Following Numbers: The number of following. 

Lists Numbers: How many list numbers attach by other Twitter users?

Like numbers: The total number of likes obtained by that Twitter account.

Profile URL: Any URL on the Twitter account profile option.

Protected Account: It will reveal specific account is protected or non-protected.

Earlier Tweet Session: It will reveal the date and time earlier posted through that Twitter account.

Twitter data export analytics effect: Twitter followers losing and analyzing reports data represents an effective solution for identifying real audiences. 

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The effects drive through this process

These are some of the results we get when we export Twitter following list.

Identifying audiences understanding

Twitter exporting the following list enables the outcome of worthy data on targeted audiences and different demographics. The data like location, bio, age range, and language assist in building effective content towards targeting audiences segment. 

Recognize audiences engagement

This exported data can assist in determining audience or followers’ engagement with content. And the service providers or businesses can get insights into how audiences interact with their content.

audience engagement

Through this, the more reliable factors can drive towards service from the audiences. 

Inspect competitors activities

The competitor’s analysis in the Twitter following list enables to assist the data on how they are doing in their marketing segment and plan, how audiences react toward those services. By analyzing those and executing accurate plans for own-brand service and serve to audiences to reach the right goals. 


Twitter exports the following list, which can generally assist in an effective way to drive conversations toward specific Twitter accounts or pages. Several topics, such as how content gains engagement and which types of content get more interaction from the audiences. The Twitter following list can assist in bringing more resources and growth opportunities and chances to improve by observing service analytics.