How Is Twitter Used For Marketing | Detailed Guide

Twitter is a platform home to almost 238 million monetizable Daily Active Users (DAU), a dream for marketing. The entire world is at one’s fingertips, and this article will display how to turn that into the most profitable marketing strategy. So, how is Twitter used for marketing?

The aim is to stand out amongst the 500 million tweets daily. 

How Twitter is used for Marketing? 

Following are the 11 ways you can use Twitter for marketing.

Customize Your Profile

Many accounts host a campaign or profile that is outdated. Much competition can be cut down once a profile is structured for maximum optimization of twitter.


  1. Choose a credible username for your profile, and avoid using informal characters like numbers, symbols, etc., unless they are a part of your official company name.
  2. Keep your bio crisp. Add the most relevant details. Avoid using fancy words.
  3. Add your website URL for any further research or engagement. A company without a website cannot benefit much from online marketing.

Start Auditing

Ask any major platform, and their first advice would be to audit your profile regularly. This gives the company a clear idea of user interaction, current trends, and the gaps they need to fill to better reach its audience.


Twitter Analytics, Hootsuite Analytics, and other useful apps can help you in auditing. Do visit our article on profile audit for a comprehensive guide.

Increase Engagement

Ever visited Wendy’sWendy’s Twitter account? If not, do so, as it provides the best example of optimal engagement. Instead of a multimillion food chain brand, it engages with its users like that sarcastic friend in the social group that comes up with the funniest and trendiest jokes. Use Tweepi as an extra hand.


Come up with ideations, hire talented individuals, and answer user doubts regularly, as it shows that the business cares and is reachable.

Run Ads!

Running personalized ads and promoted tweets is the kick starter to your journey, albeit with a monthly fee. Instead of waiting on organic search results and reach, promoted tweets will show up in users’ timelines even if they do not follow you.

run ads

Okay, you have the eyeballs. But from here on, retaining that attention is the most important aspect. Pander to your content smartly so the monthly fee does not go to waste.

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Twitter CCSLT

What are Twitter CCSLT, Circle, Community, Space, List, and Thread? 

  1. Twitter Circle: Create a targeted group of people, like influencers and brands, and market them your best product and services. This should be a focused group of not more than 150 accounts. 
  2. Twitter Community: This can be where ideation can take place, with a number of businesses and brands coming up and keeping up with trends. Tweetdeck can help you find your users.
  3. Twitter Space: It is like a discord hosting service that allows you to enable audio functions. Host campaigns here, find your voice, and interact with dedicated users.
  4. Twitter List: Your main feed may be cluttered, but making a dedicated list of the main competition can give you an edge to stay on top. Tweepsmap can create a map for further decluttering.
  5. Twitter Threads: A Twitter thread increases engagement and panders to more users. Insert links in a Twitter thread and see the magic happen! 

Find Your Niche

Your brand is one among billions on Twitter. To reach the target audience, find a niche only your account provides. This will attract unique traffic. But make sure to do it better than anyone else, or the idea can become obsolete if other businesses start it doing better and faster.

find your niche

If the service is already provided in the market, try to create a marketing strategy around providing the same service better than anybody else. This can be translated into an effective marketing strategy via:

  1. Using relatable content
  2. Meme-ifying your strategy
  3. Increasing Twitter Interactions

Optimal use of Hashtags

Hashtags are like pins that locate a business on the internet. A related search can put an otherwise invisible business on the map overnight. Analyze the trending hashtags and design the content around them. Sprout Social can be a helpful tool.


A company can create hashtags and persuade users to use them, creating a campaign. This can be done when enough users are connected with a business’s account.

Avoid using more than 5 hashtags at most, as it makes the post look unprofessional and loaded.


Collaborating with influencers or like-minded businesses can increase reach on Twitter and provide better feedback on creating better and up-to-date content.

Schedule Content

Scheduling content will ensure you stay at the top of your game and consistent with all the trends. It will also work in favor of the marketing team, so they do not get overloaded with vast work. 


But also be aware of the political and cultural mood to avoid sounding tone-deaf or politically incorrect. 

Visuals For Better Reach

Audio, video, and images dominate the market, and almost all leading brands have their visual promos Don’tDon’t fall behind and make sure to create your unique promo strategy and brand. There is no better way to go viral than to create the best visual strategy.

Keep Researching!

Research is the most important facet of any social media marketing. Staying on top of the game is extremely necessary for such a competitive market. Building a brand is easier than maintaining one, so it becomes crucial to keep updating and revamping your marketing strategies.


Every marketing team uses humans to create strategies, but to truly get ahead of the competition, use these customized marketing apps especially created for Twitter.