How To See How Many People Blocked You On Twitter?

Twitter has the potential to be a fantastic networking tool for interacting with like-minded individuals and sharing news and views. But it may also serve as a haven for bullies, trolls, and haters.

You might be interested in learning how to see how many people blocked you on Twitter if you’ve experienced online harassment or simply want to clean up your feed.

We’ll walk you through how to achieve that in this blog post.


How to determine whether you’ve been blocked on Twitter

For better or worse, there isn’t a list that displays all of the Twitter users that have blocked you. You must look into each account individually in order to determine if you are being blocked.


  1. Open Twitter on your PC or mobile and type the account you believe is blocking you into the search bar. Even if you search for their name, they cannot immediately appear if you have been blocked.
  2. If you’re blocked, you won’t be able to read their tweets after you open their profile. You will instead receive a notification that reads: “You’ve been stopped. You cannot view or follow [the blocker’s] Tweets.”

The Distinction On Twitter, there are two options: blocking and muting

When you block someone on Twitter, they cannot communicate with you in any manner or view your tweets. When you mute someone on Twitter, their tweets will no longer appear in your timeline, but other users can still see them.

Why do people on Twitter block others?

On Twitter, people sometimes choose to block others for a variety of reasons. Others do it to preserve their privacy, while some do it because they find the individual annoying. Others choose to block those they believe are harassing them or who they just don’t want to see in their timeline.


Regardless of the reason, there is no way to determine how many other users have also blocked someone if they have blocked you on Twitter. There are a couple of workarounds for this, though, so you can still access the profile of someone who has blocked you.

How to Avoid Blocking People on Twitter

You can take the following actions to avoid getting blocked on Twitter:

  1. Avoid acting rudely or cruelly to others all the time. This is a definite method of getting blocked. Be kind and respectful when dealing with people.
  2. Avoid constantly sending unsolicited messages or answers to other people. You’ll also be blocked if you do this.
  3. Avoid sharing harmful material like pornographic or hate speech. You may be blocked because of this, and your Twitter account may be permanently suspended.

You could avoid getting blocked on Twitter by adhering to these basic rules.

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It is pretty simple to discover how many people blocked you on Twitter. You may view this information quickly and easily by following the instructions above. It’s similar to being placed in a digital penalty box to be blocked. Unless you press a different button, both of you couldn’t read the other’s tweets. You won’t be able to directly message them, look for their tweets and accounts, tag them in pictures, and more.