How to Change Theme Color on Twitter | Easy Guide

If you’re sick of the standard blue-and-white theme, you can alter the color scheme. On Twitter, you may customize your profile’s background, display color, and Twitter app. Alternate color schemes include yellow, purple, pink, green, and orange.

The default white background can be changed to a dim or dark setting. The white Twitter backdrop is changed to a blue one in dim mode. Conversely, the white background becomes a black screen in the dark or lights-out mode.

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Change Theme Color on Twitter

The only way to alter the color theme is through a browser. There is no Display option on the Menu screen of the Twitter app for Android or iPhone, as you can see.

So, here’s how to modify Twitter’s color scheme.

  1. Open Twitter and log into your account.
  2. On the left side of the screen, you should be able to find the Menu. Click the More.more
  3. Select “Settings and Privacy” from the Menu.settings and privacy
  4. Select the “Accessibility, Display, and Languages” option from the new Menu.accessibility, display and languages
  5. Now, click on Display from the Menu.display
  6. You can choose an acceptable color for the Twitter theme, typefaces, and backdrop in the box that will display on the screen, which contains various options for changing your Twitter feed and account.color
  7. Look underneath the Font option to see several options for changing the color of Twitter. Users can alter the default Twitter color from Blue to Purple, Pink, Green, or any mentioned color.

As soon as you go from Blue to any other Twitter color, your theme—which was previously tweets—automatically changes to the Follow button. Additionally, no restriction caps the number of times users can alter the Twitter color.

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Unfortunately, as of right present, neither iPhones nor Android smartphones allow you to change theme color on Twitter. Only Twitter can enable this feature on a web browser, i.e., on a laptop or PC. Therefore, until Twitter launches it for users, users cannot utilize this filter on their mobile devices.

However, you should give this feature a shot if you routinely use Twitter on a laptop because it is attractive and provides your entire account feed with a new edge.

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