How to check if someone blocked you on Twitter?

Twitter is a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with loved ones, acquaintances, and new people who share your interests. You can communicate with people who follow you or who you follow by sharing information, images, and other stuff. Additionally, you can connect with particular persons and send direct messages to them.

One of Twitter’s privacy options is blocking. What occurs afterward if you are blocked on Twitter is you are effectively excluded from that person’s Twitter activities. They won’t be tweeting anymore, and you won’t be able to reply on Twitter, either. Additionally, you are not notified of their account and cannot see any comments or answers inside a chat.


How to check if someone blocked you on Twitter?

Even so, you can still see who has blocked you. You may manually check if someone has blocked you on Twitter in a few different ways. Well, it can take some time, but you’ll know immediately if you’re looking for a particular user.

Using search

Utilizing the search feature is the first option. Search for the specific person using Twitter’s search bar.

using search

The user name should have a question mark next to it. If you visit the user’s profile and try to search for their tweets, the message “This user’s tweets are protected” will show up. You’ve been blocked, so you won’t be able to see the person’s tweets any more.

Looking through your following

Looking at their following list is another technique to determine if someone has blocked you. The user has either blocked you or their account set to private if you cannot see their followers. Attempting to follow someone on Twitter is the best way to confirm that they have been blocked. You have been blocked if you see an error notice that reads, “You are not authorized to view this user’s tweets”.

It is possible to discover who blocked you, but specific hacks are required. Creating a new account and attempting to follow the person who blocked you is the best approach to accomplish this. If you’re successful, you’ll understand why they blocked you.

Find out how many people have blocked you

If you’re curious about how to find out how many people have blocked you on social media, Blolook offers a simple solution. You may check how many people have blocked you on Twitter on this third-party website.

blolook website

This is how it goes:

  1. First, visit the Blolook website and sign in with your Twitter credentials.
  2. Confirm that you are using a legitimate Twitter account.
  3. This application will scour your account to display the total number of Twitter blockers.

Blolook is a free service that may be accessed via the web via a mobile application. So that if you ever want to find out who has blocked you swiftly, you can still not see the individual who blocked you.

Soft Block

Users can delete bothersome followers using the soft block option. Unlike a block, those who have a soft block can still search for you and send you direct messages, but they won’t be able to view your tweets on their timeline. A soft ban on Twitter stops a user from viewing your tweets and contacting you. You can restrict someone’s access to your account by “soft blocking” them rather than “totally blocking” them.

The procedure is straightforward if you’re wondering how to block users on Twitter soft. To temporarily separate yourself from someone on Twitter, you can soft-block them rather than outright block them. This post will demonstrate how to do such a covert operation. The soft block function is available on the Twitter website’s web version. You may soft block someone on Twitter by entering into your web browser, such as Google Chrome, and through a few easy steps.

Open Google Chrome and go to in the first step.

Navigate to your profile in step two. Pick Your Followers.

  1. Select the three-dot icon that will be shown next to the follower’s name in the top right corner.
  2. Choose “Remove this follower” from the drop-down menu.

soft block

Twitter doesn’t let you know when someone soft blocks you. However, there are a few things you can take to verify your suspicions if you think someone has soft-blocked you on Twitter.

First, they’ve probably soft-blocked you if you can see their tweets on their profile, but they don’t appear in your timeline.

Suppose you try to look up the person’s Twitter username. A soft block increases the likelihood that you cannot follow each other.

While you can unblock someone at any moment and refollow them, keep in mind that if you do something inappropriate, they may still block you permanently.

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