How to embed YouTube video on Twitter effortlessly-Detailed Guide

Twitter and YouTube are some of the largest platforms on the internet today. With combined users in millions, users often need to embed YouTube videos in tweets. These could provide context, evidence, visual appeal, or draw attention to the video.

Embedding YouTube videos serves a dual purpose as it simultaneously increases engagement on both YouTube and Twitter. Thus, learning how to embed YouTube videos on Twitter is significant. Twitter users are tempted to open embedded YouTube links, resulting in more reach, retweets, likes, and

You may share video material with your followers on Twitter by easily embedding YouTube videos, which prevents your followers from leaving the site. Including videos in your message can improve engagement and help you get your point across. Embedding videos involves simple steps, mainly copying and pasting the embedded code on your tweet. twitter

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We will walk you through each step of this tutorial on how to embed YouTube videos on Twitter.

Detailed instructions on how to post YouTube videos on Twitter.

Step 1: Browse and select the YouTube video you want to link.

The first and foremost step of embedding is finding and choosing the YouTube video you want to link to Twitter. Open YouTube and browse through millions of videos to find ones suited to your liking, or if you’re going to promote your channel/videos, select the video you want people to see.

You can also search videos using keywords, titles, names of channels, and even the names of individuals featured in the video.

Step 2- Click on the Share buttonshare button

Once you’ve found the YouTube video you want to share, look for the “Share” button located below the video player. Click on the “Share” button to display various sharing options. If you are interested, here is a guide on how to share a tweet on Facebook.

Step 3- Select the Embed video optionenbed

Various options are listed under the Share button, such as “Share, Email, Embed.” Click on the embed tab, and multiple options available for embedding will appear on the screen.

Step 4- Copy the Embedded code that is displayedcopy embed code

After selecting the “Embed” tab, a box with an HTML code snippet will appear. This code is required when embedding video on Twitter. Click the “Copy” option adjacent to the code to add a copy to your clipboard. This is one of the most integral when learning to embed YouTube videos on Twitter.

Step 5- Create and Write a Tweet

Go to your Twitter account at this point and sign in. A + sign would depict a compose button. Click on it to create a new tweet. Before posting, paste the copied code.

Step 6- Paste the Embedded codepaste embed into twitter

Using the right-click menu and the “Paste” option on your computer’s keyboard (or the Windows or Mac keyboard commands Ctrl+V and Command+V, respectively), you should enter the embed code that you pasted content from the YouTube video page into the tweet editor.

Step 7- Examine the Previewpreview

When you tweet with an embedded video, Twitter will automatically parse the embed code and preview the video. You can also include text or context to provide more details on the tape in your tweet.

Step 8: Tweet the video.tweet the video

If you are pleased with it and the embedded video preview, click the “Tweet” button to post your tweet. The YouTube video is instantly embedded within the Twitter platform, so your followers will see it.

Step 9: Interact with Responsesinteract with comments

After successfully learning how to embed YouTube videos on Twitter, you need to track the number of views, likes, retweets, and comments as your followers interact with the embedded video tweet. This interaction may offer insightful information about how your material is being perceived.

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Tips for smooth embedding 

  • Ensure that the video you are embedding is pertinent to your audience and enhances your tweet.
  • Add a caption or a brief description to give the attached video context. This clarifies your motivation for sharing the video with your followers.smooth embedding
  • Remember that Twitter has a maximum allowed video length for native uploads. Ensure the YouTube video you are embedding does not exceed Twitter’s length restrictions.
  • The thumbnail that is displayed with the embedded video is typically the standard YouTube video thumbnail. Please modify the parameters before embedding a YouTube video to use a different thumbnail.
  • Twitter’s embedded YouTube videos are typically responsive thanks to responsive design.

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FAQ’s on how to embed YouTube videos on Twitter 

Is it possible to embed a YouTube video on Twitter?

Yes, you can embed YouTube videos by following a few simple steps- 1.Selecting youtube video 2.Choosing the Embed option under Share 3.Copy the embedding code 4.Create a tweet and paste the code 5.Post the tweet

What does embed video on Twitter mean?

Embedding refers to the inclusion of links, photographs, videos, gifs etc in your posts. Including embedded content such as YouTube videos, links, posts gives tweets a visual component that promotes engagement and garners wider attraction

What’s the difference between embedding and linking?

While embedding refers to including the actual file on the page, linking is the process of inserting a reference to a file at another location. placing a chart from an Excel file into a PowerPoint presentation is an example of linking, whereas placing an image into a Word document is an example of embedding.

Do YouTube videos get views if embedded?

When a YouTube video is integrated into a webpage's content and a user consciously clicks to start it, those views are recorded. Some autoplay-embedded videos will not count.

Can embedded YouTube videos be monetised?

When your video content is integrated into other websites, you can make money from it. The MCM Partner Guidelines and Policies for Google Ad Manager must be followed by all video inventory. Please check that the code used to integrate your video player complies with the rules for in-stream video from the Ad Exchange.


You can embed a YouTube video on Twitter by following these instructions, allowing you to share interesting and valuable information with your followers from the Twitter platform. This procedure improves the viewing experience and aids in efficiently delivering your content.

YouTube video embedding on Twitter is a potent tool for boosting your tweets and interacting with your followers. With the help of this function, you may offer engaging visual information on Twitter without forcing your followers to leave the site.

Finally, various advantages of learning how to embed YouTube videos on Twitter are that users who follow this get Increased Engagement, Extended Reach, Enhanced Communication, Credibility, Authority, and Platform familiarity.