How To Embed YouTube Video On Twitter | Complete Guide

Before I explain the steps on how to embed YouTube videos on Twitter, let me first tell you why you should. You see, Twitter and YouTube are closely connected and symbiotic. YouTube is the home to many content creators, and the size of the family grows exponentially yearly.

how to embed a youtube video on twitter

Being renowned for being the most visited social media platform globally, Twitter has become an excellent tool for promoting YouTube videos. The retweet clicks on an embedded video and goes to the watch count on YouTube. Twitter can boost traffic and help a content creator reach a larger audience. People engage more with tweets with embedded videos. I will end the brief introduction here and proceed with the primary topic. The process is simple, and you can use your PC or phone and know how to embed youtube videos on Twitter.

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Embed using a Computer

These are ways you can know how to embed youtube videos on Twitter.

Use the Share Icon on YouTube

Firstly, open and sign in to your YouTube and Twitter accounts. Once you’ve located the video you want to share, locate and click on the share iconYou can spot it under the video title. Once you’ve clicked it, a list will appear on your screen. Select Twitter, and chrome will redirect you to Twitter’s website. With this, your YouTube video will be embedded. Add some text or tags to make your tweet more attractive and hit Tweet.

click on share icon

And done! Your video is ready to go viral on Twitter. Right? Don’t like this method? Well, I have another way.

Use the link to your YouTube video

Again, begin by signing into your YouTube account and locating your video. Then hit right-click on the screen. A menu will pop open from which select “Copy video URL.”Open and sign in to your Twitter account. Write a creative and attractive tweet and paste the link you copied earlier. Twitter will generate a thumbnail. After this, add details about your embedded video and hit Tweet. And you have finished. 

use link

Great! You learned to embed a video on Twitter using a PC. Found these methods simple? You can use the process you find simpler and quicker. 

But if you want to share a video from your phone? Worry not, dear reader; I am here to help you. Again, sharing a video through your phone is also easy-peasy. As a necessary detail, you must have the YouTube and Twitter apps downloaded on your phone for this to work. Let me walk you through the process.

Use the Share Icon 

Firstly, open the YouTube app and find your video. Hit the share icon. A list of apps will appear on your screen. Select Twitter. It will open, and your tweet will contain the embedded video. Add other details in your tweet and hit the bluebird. 

click on share icon

Yes, dear reader, you can embed a YouTube video using a link on your mobile device, like on your PC. It’s an effortless process.

Use the link to your YouTube video

Like in the last process, open the app and hit the share icon. Choose “Copy Link” and open the Twitter app. Generate a fresh tweet and paste the link therein. Add details to your tweets, like texts and hashtags. Tag people if you like. As the last step, hit the bluebird button.

use link

That’s it! You can use it anywhere on your PC, tablet, or phone. This would have given you an insight into how to embed youtube videos on Twitter.

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I hope I have helped you. These methods are uncomplicated. Happy tweeting, and join me next time in another exciting post. This guide will help you to know how to embed youtube videos on Twitter. 

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