Find Someone On Twitter Without Username | Complete Guide

On this platform, one concept is used: online controversy. Quite fun, right? But if we see at the news, most of the news starts from Twitter. Most politician tweet something, and the news report shows that this news start from this tweet or they want to answer. Then also they tweet, and when they tweet, other leaders start controversy through videos or tweets and the advantages taken by the reporters. They show to the world that this or that leader tweeted this statement.

Anyways this was just a brief intro about the usage of this application but let me tell you how to find someone without a username on Twitter. There are many ways we find without searching the username so let’s find it out to find the people if you don’t know the username.


How to find someone on Twitter without their username?

Following are the 5 ways to find someone on Twitter without their username.

Search them by real name or nickname

This is one way that you can find someone on Twitter. This is easy because most people don’t know the username, so we can search with the actual name or nickname to connect with them.

Sync your contact

This is the most famous method to find someone.

sync your contact

If you sync your contact, you join or connect your Twitter account with your contact so that it will show automatically in your activity, whichever you want. 

Twitter suggests the contact

This is also one of the methods in most social media platforms used to suggest the account, which is a relative or if you know them because it is done on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook even Twitter. Because through this, we can find the account of anyone easily without searching.

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You can find them by email address or phone number

This is one method to find someone easily on Twitter by just searching the email address or phone number and putting it in a search bar of the Twitter application.

find using email address or phone number

Still, there is one problem: we can only find them easily if they have allowed the setting to find them because most people do not rely on this setting because of their safety.

Using a third-party tool

Here we can use the third-party tool as many websites help to find the person without searching for them in the search bar. But this can be pretty dangerous for your account. But if you have an emergency, you can find them using a third-party tool.

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So, these were some of the ways to find anyone on Twitter without their usernames. Hope you find this helpful!