How to Make Money on Twitter? Complete Guide

How to make money on Twitter? To make money from any means, first, we need to have a novel understanding of the ways and methods of the means. The game of social media is ‘attention’. So the more attention you can grab, your chances and prospects of converting that into cash increase. 

make money on twitter

Grabbing attention on Twitter requires a catchy profile and a healthy relationship with followers. While things like the profile pic and bio should be snappy, they should also look professional. Amateur moves such as keeping the profile pic blank or with random objects and using cliche lines in the bio should be avoided.

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How To Make Money On Twitter

Here are ways how to make money on Twitter:

Offer Services or Products

Any company will provide a product or a service. If you have a product or you provide a service. You can showcase or create awareness of your service by posting pictures, videos, or sharing links. Make your posts about your service or product attractive to reach your target customers soon.

create product and services

You can also post about your customers’ reviews appealingly so that your clients have better clarity about your product or service.

Affiliate marketing on Twitter

Affiliate marketing is a business that mainly focuses on selling others’ products or services. This kind of marketing can be efficiently done on Twitter, reaching many more global clients faster. Many companies online need more people in the marketing department to sell their products or service.

affiliate marketing

Creating a Twitter account with huge followers can make companies interested in your account, and they may approach you to advertise their products or service.

Consultancy online

many individual business people, startups, and new businesses need to be more experienced in social media marketing. Suppose you have a large following base in your account and enough experience in social media marketing.

consultancy online

You can provide consultancy to those who need their social media market to grow. By offering your service, you can gain huge profits.

Other Ways

There are so many ways that you can make money on Twitter by selling your account, promoting companies, etc…The key to making money on Twitter is to make your account popular as soon as possible. Create an accessible account for people to identify and reach out to. Always be ready to respond to your customers, clients, and followers on Twitter. The more your popularity grows, the more your profits grow. Like any other business, the plan is to set clear strategies and goals while starting your account. In the initial stages, try to reach out to other accounts more popular than you and get collaboration to get support for the initial stages. By building a solid presence on Twitter, you can monetize this social media platform effectively and to the fullest.

Groom Your Account

There are a few tips to groom your Twitter account to make it more appealing to your clients and customers.

  1. While setting up your Twitter account, give the “I am a business Owner” option to select your account type. By doing this, your customers can quickly identify your account and know that you are a Business account.
  2. Tweet more often and up to date: This lets your customers know about the updates you provide in your services or products. Also, changes in your service charges will be informed to your customers as soon as possible.
  3. Make your account clear and professional: This makes a customer think you are an authentic service provider or a professional product seller. This keeps your customer engaged in your account for a long time and may even give more sales.
  4. Respond regularly and immediately: By contacting and responding to Your customers or clients on Twitter, Your clients feel optimistic about your service, making them come to you again. Getting feedback from your customers frequently gives you an idea of how you can improve and makes them feel that they are heard.

So by following these ways, you can know how to make money on Twitter.


These tips can make you shine above others more, but the key to any business, regardless of your platform, is plan and progress. Twitter is a growing social media platform with over 333 million monthly active users. This makes Twitter a highly efficient platform for making business and acquiring a massive number of customers in a short period. Twitter’s advertising platform is so huge and very fast-paced. They also help you to specify your target audience and reach them sooner. Your account can reach many clients quickly and anytime because Twitter’s user tends to engage in the platform for much longer. Twitter business accounts have seen significant growth in their marketing sector by over 50 % in the last 3 years. This makes Twitter a very efficient platform for making your business prosper.

” Use Twitter to make your business better.”

So this was all about how to make money on Twitter.

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