How to Pin Someone Else’s Tweet (Simple Guide)

Twitter is a microblogging social media platform service to express your mind and perspectives. It is one of the excellent social media platforms on the internet for better interplay among customers, sharing news and statistics, promoting a variety of businesses, sharing information, and creating awareness for interested users on different topics. One can do this through media posts and text messages called “tweets”.

Twitter is commonly known for its huge and loyal audience of over 238 million active users. Over 500 million tweets are sent daily worldwide.


Pin someone else’s tweet

Twitter enables its customers to create posts and tweets to gain engagement from other platform users. It provides numerous capabilities like polls, liking posts, integrated photo sharing features, search-related headlines display, sharing tweets/ posts, verifying accounts, and adding profile pictures and information for better user interaction.

Twitter also provides a feature for pinning tweets as per your choice. You can pin a tweet you find best and most relatable. Also, you are proud of it, as it’s the first thing that comes under view when someone views your profile. The tweet can be your best idea, the current topic you want people to know, or your tweet with the most audience interaction on this platform.


The pinned tweet is displayed on top of your profile, you can easily pin a tweet posted by you from your account just by selecting a “pin to my profile page” feature available above the tweet, and your tweet will be pinned.

The pinned tweet stays static on top of your profile page until it is removed or changed by the user; regardless of your numerous tweets and duration, it is not a time bounded feature.

Pinning a tweet is relevant. Especially when it’s not yours, as it’s a source of driving internet traffic to your tweeter page, which increases your audience engagement. And makes it easier for the viewer to understand your view and gives oneself its social proof.

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Pin a tweet using a third-party application or by retweeting

Here is a step-by-step process of how to pin someone else’s tweet on your Twitter account by retweeting:

  1. Download the Twitter application on your phone or use your browser to log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Look for the tweet that you find most relevant and want to pin on your Twitter profile. You can use the search option available at the top of the page. You can enter your search in the search box and tap search.
  3. Click on the backward-arched arrow in the reply icon, which is the retweet option displayed at the bottom of the tweet.
  4. Now select the option to quote the tweet to provide credit to the content owner; otherwise, you can face copyright issues.
  5. Go back to your profile and scroll to locate the tweet.
  6. Now, you can see more options from the drop-down. Further, select the “pin to profile option” to pin the tweet.
  7. Choose the pin prompt and see the pinned tweet displayed on your account.

Now you can see the pinned tweet on your profile.

You can avail of more options. Such as extending the thread where you can give more detail on the subject beside you, or any other user can also comment under the tweet to express views.

pin tweet

But there is a certain limitation when pinning a tweet, and you can only pin one tweet at a time.

Unpin someone else’s tweet

Similarly, to unpin a tweet that’s not yours, you can follow the steps given:

  1. Open your Twitter application on your smartphone if already downloaded, or use your browser to log into your Twitter account.
  2. Now go to your account. Open your profile page on your Twitter application to view the pinned tweet on top of your account page.
  3. Further, select the side drop-down menu visible as three dots (vertical /horizontal dots depending upon your smartphone model) on the pinned tweets.
  4. Now, from the given set of options, select “unpin from the profile page” of your account.
  5. Lastly, select “unpin” to confirm the change in your profile.

And now the tweet has been unpinned from your account; it will no longer be displayed on your profile.

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So, this was how you pin someone else’s tweet on Twitter. We also added steps for how to unpin someone else’s tweet too. Hope you find these helpful.