How to Recover Twitter Account Without Email or Phone Number?

Every social media user can utilize it easily and simply. However, did you know that only a very small percentage of Twitter’s more than 1.5 billion registered users are actually active?

You may need to remember your Twitter login information or password, which could cause this. You must recover your Twitter password and email here.

This post is for you if you don’t know how to restore your Twitter account without your email or phone number.

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Recover Twitter account without email or phone number

You can recover your Twitter account without email or phone number by following the thorough instructions on this page.

Select “File a report”

You must first visit the Twitter Help Center in order to submit a report. Launch a browser and go to the Twitter Help Center website to get started.

twitter help center

You can either go to the website’s link or perform a Google search for “Twitter Help Center.” Once you’re at the Help Center, you can choose from a variety of options. But you shouldn’t choose any of those because doing so will take you to a helpful article.

  1. Search for the “File a report” option instead. Because of Twitter’s enormous user base, this option is concealed from view in an effort to reduce the number of reports as much as possible.
  2. Scroll to the page’s foot to find the “File a report” button.
  3. To send a report to Twitter, use the “File a report” option under “Contact Us.” The categories you should select for your report will be revealed in the following step.

Select “I need login and account support”

Now select the relevant categories for the report after clicking on “File a report”. This is to let Twitter know exactly what issue you’re having.

The “I need login and account help” option is best for your circumstance because you’re experiencing problems logging in. Following your selection of “I need login and account support,” you will be given a list of the following seven subcategories to pick from:

  • I want to request my account information
  • I can’t log in to my account
  • I have a question about privacy

Select “I can’t log in to my account” because you are unable to access your account.

You must enter your Twitter login in the next step once you have properly chosen the pertinent categories for the report you are about to file.

Fill in Your Twitter username.

After selecting the relevant categories, you may now submit the report you plan to file. First, provide your Twitter username, though. Under “Your Twitter username,” enter the account’s username to which you cannot connect.

twitter login

Next, click “Search” to enable Twitter to locate your account. You will learn how to access the actual report-filing form in the step that comes after.

Choose “Still need help?”

When you select “Search,” Twitter will locate your account. The notification that follows will say something along the lines of, “Great, we found the account @username.”

There will be a link labeled “instructions” at the bottom of the message you must click. You shouldn’t click on that link because it will direct you to a “help article.”

Instead, select “Still need help?” to submit a report.

Complete And Submit the Form

The “Still Need Help?” button will prompt you to complete a contact form. Enter an active email address as the first step so that Twitter can contact you. Next, describe your issue and the help you need.

Click “Continue” once you have finished writing the description. Click “Verify” after completing the CAPTCHA on your screen, and click “Submit” to send the form to Twitter.


A member of the Twitter Support team will email you upon assessment of your report. Check your junk or spam mail if you haven’t received a response.

An option to immediately recover your password will be included in the email.

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Finally, it is recommended that you store your login information securely. If you have a business account, it is advisable to speak with experts who can resolve problems like these and a host of other ones.

We hope the following information has helped you understand how to recover your Twitter account without using your email address or phone number. Use the steps above if you’ve forgotten your Twitter password or want to update your Twitter email password. Keep Twitter safe and secure with a strong password, as it is a widely used social media service. Twitter password recover immediately!