How to See Replies on Twitter? | Complete Guide

How to see replies on Twitter? On the social networking site Twitter, members can regularly update one another on their ideas, lives, and pretty much anything else. Twitter is one of the most open social networking services, allowing you to speak in real-time with anyone, even if you’re not pals. Twitter’s “@replies” feature enables users to swiftly respond to a comment or query made by another user. These responses start with the @ symbol, followed by the reply’s intended recipient. You immediately view responses addressing to you by default. You must first conduct a user name search to see the responses other users have sent to them.

view reply

Although Twitter is an excellent social networking service, sometimes it isn’t easy to understand how it works. It can be difficult for many Twitter users to find replies.

Read about how to see replies on Twitter below:

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How do I view Twitter comments or replies?

Step 1: If this is your first time doing so, sign into your Twitter account.

Step 2: Find the Tweet for which you wish to see the comments.

Step 3: You can also tap the “Reply” button if you cannot see the replies. You can also tap or click the “Reply” button on the Tweet to leave a response.

Step 4: A Tweet’s reply can also be replied to. Clicking on any of those replies will allow you to see those.

Step 5: You will only be able to read some responses at a time, though, if there are many answers to a Tweet.

The other responses will instantly bury. To make room for longer, use Tweet threads.

Step 6: If 10 replies are concealed, to view them, you must scroll down and tap or click the button marked “20 more replies,” which will reveal the concealed comments.

see relpy

The mobile app and any browser on a desktop computer can use the same approach. 

This only applies to direct responses to a Tweet (publicly posted). It is important not to mistake a response to a direct message (or DM) for private communication.

How Can I Find Every “Retweet with Comment” Reply to a Specific Tweet?

  1. When you right-click or double-tap on the timestamp, it indicates the time of the tweet. Choose “Copy link address” (for Google Chrome), “Copy link location” (for Firefox), or “Copy link” to copy the link’s address (Safari)timestamp
  2. You may see all the retweets with comments to this specific tweet by pasting the URL into the Twitter search area.

Reasons Why Twitter Replies Aren’t Visible

There could be several reasons you still need help viewing the reply on Twitter, depending on your account and the person who responded.

The user is Blocked

You are aware that Twitter has a block feature. On social media, people block one another for a variety of are blocked

You cannot see each other’s activities on Twitter if they have blocked you or if you have blocked someone. You will only be able to see a specific reply if someone on your block list replies to a Tweet of another user. Similarly, you won’t see their responses if they replied to a specific Tweet while blocking you on Twitter.

Private Account

On Twitter, you can set your account to “Private.” If so, anyone who doesn’t follow you will be aware of your activities.

Only followers can see your activity if your Twitter account is Private. Similarly, if someone else has set their Twitter account to “Private,” you will not be able to read their tweets if you are not a follower of that person.

private account

In other words, you won’t be able to see someone’s answers if they have a Private Twitter account and have replied to any of your Tweets or other Tweets.

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Replies Have Been Deleted 

The reply’s deletion by the user who posted it could also be the cause. You won’t be able to observe their responses in this situation.

The Reply is Hidden

You cannot see the reply if 

hidden reply

  • you’re viewing from the ‘Home’ timeline
  • a different user responded to the concealed reply.

If someone responds to a hidden reply, the hidden reply will not be visible from the Home timeline. Yes, from the hidden reply page, anyone can respond to a hidden reply.

So this was all about how to see replies on Twitter.


Twitter is an efficient and all-purpose use application. We are unaware of many features on Twitter, and how to see replies on Twitter is one of them. Hope this guide on viewing replies has been practical for you.

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