How to See Who Someone Recently Followed On Twitter?

How to see who someone recently followed on Twitter is always there in our mind as Twitter is the most prominent social media intermediary giant in the industry these days. In this world of rapid likes on stories and posts on Instagram and this age of shooting quick texts to each other via WhatsApp, Twitter has stood out nonetheless. Understand what Snapchat and Instagram are to pictures, what WhatsApp is to personal messages, and what Twitter is to thoughts, ideas, opinions, and news.

see who follows you on twitter

Not only that, but Twitter also allows all of that in a very crisp and easy manner. Crisp because with the 280 character limit in place, it assures you that you would get only the crux of the idea and would not waste time dilly-dallying; and easy because all it takes to get updates on anything is a simple ‘Follow’. 

Read below to know how to see who someone recently followed on Twitter.

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Why Is It Important?

These days, it has become a source for big companies, news agencies, and even governments for making announcements to all, for the simple reason that it allows one to be short and sweet and is accessible to all.

However, we live in a society where our thoughts are shapes by whom we spend our time around. So isn’t it logical that what one tweets is in some way or the other, even for a tiny fraction of a bit, shaped by who they follow on their Twitter? Don’t we see response tweets all the time?

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So what does it take to know who your favorite Twitter account follows and who they started following most recently? Interesting, right? If you are someone with a curiosity pool this big but find struggling a little to swim through it on your way to navigate through technology, this is for you.

Thus it has become essential to know how to see who someone recently followed on Twitter.

This post aims at helping you navigate your way through Twitter and onto your favorite account to see who they recently started following. TechWhoop is committed to bringing all the technology hacks you may need.

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How To See Who Has Followed You On Twitter

Read on and follow the steps below using, which you can know about how to see who someone recently followed on Twitter:

Using A Phone

  1. Open Twitter App on your smartphone and log in to your twitter on smartphone
  2. The Home Screen of your account opens up. You can check this by noting the home-shaped icon at the bottom left of your screen would be blue.
  3. Next, tap on the magnifying glass-shaped icon or the search icon next to the Home tab to open up the search people
  4. Now, think of who you want to know the followers of, type in the username of the account you are looking for, and select it from the search results that appear.
  5. When you open that person’s profile, you can see their image and, underneath it, their bio.
  6. Below the bio, appearing side-by-side will be the number of accounts this person follows and the number of people who follow that profile.
  7. Tap on the ‘Following’.tap on following
  8. Now you will see a list of accounts that this person follows.
  9. Twitter follows a policy of arranging these accounts in the reverse chronological order of when they were followed.
  10. This means that the account followed most recently would appear on top. And the one followed before it would be below it, and so on.
  11. Similarly, the account followed first would appear last at the bottom of the list.

Using A Laptop

  1. Open in a new tab on the browser and log in to your twitter on laptop
  2. Once logged in, you will see your home page.
  3. On the extreme right top corner, you will find the search bar. Click on it, and search for the person you are looking people
  4. Enter their username in the search bar and find their account from the search results that appear.
  5. Now follow steps 5 to 11 given above. The procedure from here on is the same for both laptops and phones.

Thus it might be clear how to see who someone recently followed on Twitter.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to know precisely when someone began following another account. Following this simple procedure, you can at least form a vague timeline. Therefore these steps will help you to see who someone recently followed on Twitter.

We hope that this post was valuable and easy to follow for you. Keep coming back for more such tips, tricks, and explainers. Happy Tweeting!

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