How To See Who Unfollowed You On Twitter | Complete Guide

Did you log in to your Twitter one day and notice that you’ve lost followers? Well, through this blog, you’ll know how to see who unfollowed you on Twitter. 

The Twitter algorithm relies on the selection of information it displays on your engagement with the site. A good audience can increase engagement and help spread the word about your work. Even though unfollowing accounts are not uncommon, figuring out who unfollowed, you might be challenging. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to grant third-party access to your Twitter account, there are ways to keep track of who unfollows you. That seems sketchy, and it sometimes is. Although if you stick with reliable providers, you ought to be relatively safe. 

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How to see who unfollowed you on Twitter? 

There are a few ways to learn whether a specific person has unfollowed you on Twitter, but Twitter doesn’t offer a direct one-click solution. These third-party apps can also enable you to see who your content is geared for and what you might want to improve.

Checking your following list

This is one of the simplest yet tedious methods to find out who has stopped following you on Twitter. Honestly, this technique may not be beneficial, depending on how many users you follow. However, if you only follow a few hundred people at most and want to quickly check if people you follow are following you back, you can do so by browsing this list.

following list

This technique can be used through the desktop site and the Twitter app on Mobile, Tablets, etc. Follow the below steps to check your following list:

  • Click on the “Following” tab after opening your Twitter profile on a mobile or desktop computer.
  • Look for users with a “Follow you” tag next to their name as you scroll through the list.
  • You won’t see the tag if someone has recently unfollowed you and the following is no longer from their end. 

If you wish to know whether a particular person is following you, go directly to their profile page and check for “Follows you” below their username. If the individual is still following you, you will find a “follows you” box, but if they used to follow you, but the grey box is no longer present, they certainly stopped.

Who Unfollowed Me

This one is one of the most used followers/unfollowers trackers on Twitter. Using this, you can easily see who unfollowed you on Twitter. It is simple to use and provides many necessary functions for free. It not only displays details like “who unfollowed me” and “my follower history“, but it also provides facts like your “Twitter sign-up date” and the time since your last Tweet. It serves as a helpful reminder to publish frequently, which is one of the essential steps to enhancing your online presence and developing your brand.

This website works on desktop/laptop only. The steps to use this tracker are as follows:

  • Visit the website, which is designed to assist you in finding out who unfollowed you on Twitter.who unfollowed me
  • To enable it, click the orange box labeled “Start Tracking Unfollowers.”
  • The website requires access to your Twitter account to track Twitter follower statistics. So, look at the permissions it needs, and if you’re satisfied, click the blue “authorize app” button.
  • You now have a dashboard that you can check out whenever you want to see who has recently stopped following you, how long you’ve been a member of Twitter, and the most recent tweet you sent.

You can choose to upgrade to the Pro or SuperPro plan, which costs approx INR 2,060/year and approx INR 3,295/year, respectively, for more features. The SuperPro lifetime plan is INR 9,885/year as an alternative. You may access features like follow length and who isn’t following you back after upgrading.

Unfollower Stats

Unfollower Stats is one of the services that includes a helpful iOS app, unlike most other unfollower trackers that rely only on a website. Additionally, it offers one of the most feature-rich and user-friendly dashboards. You may view various statistics with Unfollower Stats’ free version, including your most frequently used terms and the followers-to-following ratio and unfollowers. Unfollower Stats offers three features: Free, Premium, and Pro.

unfollower stats

Unfollower Stats also boasts the advantage of not posting spam tweets on your behalf, as the website clarifies. This service gives you a sense of security that others can’t. The premium plan’s yearly cost is approximately INR 3,294, and the premium plan is approximately INR 5,270. 

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So, this is how you can see who unfollowed you on Twitter. However, be careful while sharing your Twitter information with third-party websites.

Happy hunting!

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