How To Use Twitter Voice | Complete Guide

 Please find out how to use Twitter voice on compatible devices and everything you need to know about them here.

For a limited crowd of iOS users in 2020, Twitter offered the option to attach audio clips to tweets. The platform is currently making the service available to more iOS users. Voice tweets add a personal touch to Twitter by allowing users to post updates on the microblogging network using their voice. Twitter states, “Sometimes 280 characters are not enough, and some conversational nuances losses due to translation.”

 use twitter voice

 Without typing the subject in text, it is easier to post tweets on Twitter with genuine emotions swiftly. After uploading your original voice tweet, you can add your text follow-ups. Listening to tweets sent on the site rather than just reading them improves the overall experience for tweeting individuals and their followers. Twitter says, “Voice Tweeting will create a human experience for listeners and storytellers.” 

Below are mentioned some ways from where you can learn how to use Twitter voice.

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How to use Twitter voice tweets?

Before moving on to the voice-tweeting instructions, here are things one should be aware of. Following these steps, you can learn how to use Twitter voice:

twitter voice tweets

  • Even if you later change your profile photo, the image accompanying a voice tweet will not alter. Before you begin voice tweeting, ensure you are happy with your photo.
  • For each voice Tweet, you can record for up to 140 seconds. If your message is any longer, it will be threaded automatically up to “25 Tweets”.

Steps For Posting A Voice Tweet

Here are steps to post voice tweets:

posting a voice tweet

  1. Tap the tweet compose icon from the bottom right corner.
  2.  Tab the “wavelengths” voice tweet icon located above the keyboard.
  3. To begin recording your message, tap the red record button. Then tap “Done” when you’re finished.
  4. When you’re ready to post your voice tweet, tap Tweet.

How do you hear voice tweets?

You can find voice Tweets alongside other Tweets on your feeds. Start and pause the voice Tweet playback by tapping the voice Tweet thumbnail. When you click play on an iOS device, the audio dock at the bottom of your screen minimizes, so you can continue listening while you scroll across Twitter and exit the app.

hear voice tweets

Thus, through these ways, you can learn how to use Twitter’s voice.

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Well, now you know everything about Twitter’s new Voice Tweet feature. You should immediately begin using voice tweets if you haven’t already, and it is absolutely up to you how you want to use them. Hope this guide on how to use Twitter voice will be helpful for you.

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