How To Use Twitter Without VPN? 

How to use Twitter without VPN? It’s extraordinary when the usual websites you visit suddenly stop loading. It’s because either the website is down or you need access to it for the time being. Even though every country has clear restrictions on adult sites, they can still be accessable with a few modifications.

twitter without vpn

In the case of Twitter, it is a political tool that becomes critical when you are a journalist or a responsible news reporter. Today’s article aims to explore two main methods for unblocking a website. 

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Reasons for restrictions

To begin with, we need to know how many restrictions Twitter has on your side. For example 

Is it blocked by the public wifi you use? 

It’s also likely that whatever network you are using right now might be why that particular website isn’t loading. Twitter might not be the most appropriate place for students, so many educational institutes block the use of Twitter inside school premises. 

Does your government block it? 

There are laws everywhere, and the internet isn’t an exception. If Twitter violates any laws governing your country, it’s likely that it was in restriction due to higher order. 

What about geo-restrictions? 

Geo-restriction means the blockage of the entire content in a specific region. Usually, these restrictions come from the website itself. 

You are banned! 

Yes, you violated their usage policy in some way that got you banned. In that case, you have no option but to create a new account. 

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Futhur here in the article you will know how to use Twitter without VPN.

So how to unblock Twitter? 

VPN, or virtual private network, is the most basic use case. You request pages from a different location by rerouting your browser request to their server. Well, that works every time, but there is a risk. That rerouting of data might leak your information to the web, including your details like card numbers. So we will try to prevent that. Let me introduce you to the 2 most effective working methods. Here’s how to use Twitter without VPN:

Solution 1:- Tor 

It sounds shady. Well, don’t worry, it is the most secure of all. It uses a particular argument called a bridge. This thing aims to spoof your IP address and make it appear as if you are located elsewhere. Are there any benefits to doing this?


This process hides your IP address, so even the CIA can’t track you. Now let’s see how to use it on 3 major operating systems. 


Smartphones make usage easier. Install an app called “Torbot: Tor for Android” and start unblocking those sites. There are no individual settings, and install and begin cracking. 


Currently, we have 3 primary desktop operating systems, of which Windows and macOS have a similar use cases. Install the Tor Browser Extension in your favorite browser and start using it. 


Linux makes it more advanced and more secure. You can even host your own Tor instance, making you the mastermind of everything transmitted by the Tor service. In this case, I’ll be using an Arch-based desktop environment and sharing the steps for that OS.

  • According to your package manager, install the package called Tor. I’m using Yay, an AUR (Arch-User Repository) manager. In my case, I typed “yay -S tor” and installed the tor packages and their dependencies.
  • Start the tor service. There are 2 ways. You can start the service, running until your computer is no longer alive. If you want the Tor service to start on your computer boots up, type this in the terminal “systemctl enable tor. service,” and if you want it to run temporarily until your computer shuts down, type “systemctl start tor. service”.
  • Everything is ready to start. Now it’s working systemwide. Your browser and every app you use are now TOR-enabled and anonymous.

Use proper guides from the web if you are using any other desktop environment like Ubuntu or Linux Mint. 

Solution 2:- Proxy 

A proxy is similar to a VPN, where your traffic passes through a proxy, and this hides your actual IP address just as Tor does.


Let us look at how to make the most of it. 


Yes, Tor is an excellent example of this method. If you are using the program, there is no need for manual intervention. 

Android and other Os

There are countless public proxy servers around you. Find them on Google and write down the details. Once you do that, figure out the proxy options on your device. For example, smartphones are called APNs, or Access Point Names. They are usually found within your SIM card settings, which allow you to change your data preferences, such as switching from 5G to 4G. Afterward, change the default values to your own and save the modified configuration. To save it, click on the 3 dots and then click Save. 

So this was all about how to use Twitter without VPN.


The word “Tor” might make some feel uncomfortable. However, this is still the most effective & secure way to access Twitter. You can also use this for any website you want. If a particular website is blocked in more than one region, you can change your default preference in the Tor app to one that doesn’t. You should also be aware that Tor and proxy are usually slow. You won’t be able to stream anything like 4K content. It is useful to access websites most of the time. Use it at your own risk!

Hope this guide on how to use Twitter without VPN would have been helpful.

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