How To Scrape Twitter Followers?

Use our no-code tutorial to scrape the crucial information you require from a single or a list of Twitter accounts into a helpful spreadsheet.

Experts in social media, marketers, and all-around Twitter stars need to do this.

What you’ll need is a Twitter account.

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How can I scrape my following on Twitter?

There are several situations where scraping your Twitter followers is beneficial. It is ideal for reviewing or analyzing a competitor’s or your brand’s social media presence.

twitter following

Scrape and collect information about your Twitter followers automatically.

  1. The Twitter Follower Collector Phantom should first be opened. Use the browser extension to connect to Twitter, as in the screenshot.
  2. Add the profiles you want to scrape to the “Profiles to scrape” area now. If you want to scrape more than one profile, you can also upload a spreadsheet here (make sure the URL is public).
  3. Next, in the “Behavior” part of this Phantom’s setting, enter the number of profiles you want to process for every startup. In this step, you can also give your results file a name.
  4.  As the last step, choose whether you want your Phantom to run once or repeatedly in the “Settings” area. Save your preferences, and the first round of results will appear shortly.

What is the outcome?

This information from Twitter profiles can increase brand recognition, monitor competitors, make particular Twitter Ads audiences, or even develop a following-focused strategy for your company.

The Twitter Follower Email Finder tool gathers all the followers on any profile. Get essential details like Email, Bio, Full Name, Location, Company Domain, and many more by scraping Twitter followers.

Just follow these easy steps to find followers’ emails from Twitter profiles.

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Step 1: Sign up on Prospects to Scrape Twitter Followers in step one.

If you haven’t done so, go to Prospects and create an account there.


You must select a plan that precisely meets your needs after enrolling. After successfully registering, you must look under the Twitter tools category for the Twitter Follower Email Finder tool.

Step 2: Download the Twitter Followers Scraper addon.

  1. After arriving at the Twitter Tools page, you must download the Twitter Follower Email Finder Extension.
  2. Pin the tool now.

You must then authenticate it with your account key and email address. Your account key can be found on the Prospects profile or dashboard.

Step 3: Scrape Twitter Followers.

Go to any user on Twitter whose followers you want to scrape. Open the tool from the extension once you are on that user’s profile page. The data scraping can be started by simply clicking the Start Scraping button.

We suggest scraping accounts with 10,000 or more followers from your niche to gather more information. Build a specific audience with the help of this data and precisely target your Twitter adverts. 100 followers may be scraped in around one second, and 10,000 can easily be scraped in under seventeen minutes.

Step 4: Obtain the Results from the Scraped Twitter Followers.

Click the View Data button to see the complete results after the scrape. You may find the results on the page of the Twitter Follower Email Finder tool after clicking on that link.

twitter follower email finder tool extension

If you wish to store the results locally on your computer for upcoming marketing purposes, you can download them and unlock them using the necessary credits.

Additionally, using the Twitter Follower Email Finder addon is entirely secure. To assure their safety, we have put each of our instruments through rigorous testing across various characteristics.

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Use scraping to collect vital data from Twitter followers, such as email addresses, full names, Twitter profile URLs, profile pictures, total following & followers, locations, and company domains. With the help of these crucial pieces of information, you can appropriately target your leads and expand your market reach.

You can find emails at a rate of between 2% and 6%. Scrape additional profiles to obtain more info.

There is currently no restriction on how many followers you can scrape. To increase the number of emails you receive, it is best to scrape as many followers as you can.

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