The Perfect Size of Twitter Background | Size Guide

The size of Twitter background should be perfect, as Twitter is one of the most popular and buzzing social networks. With it being the constant source of news, views, entertainment, and even controversy, it is everyone’s go-to platform to be on. And if you still need to get on it, it’s time to reconsider that.

Through Twitter and its 280-character limit, you can express yourself quickly but directly. Although, words aren’t the only form of expression here. The images used and shared by you on this platform tell a lot about you, and it’s part of presenting yourself instead of your account in how you view it. But Twitter uses details when it comes to its images. twitter profile

Now, the primary use of images on this site is for the profile picture, the profile background, and the images shared by you. The profile picture is in the circular image at the top of your profile, and the profile background or banner is the extended image behind the profile picture. These two can be seen the moment one lands on your account. Here you will know about what should be the size of Twitter background

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Choose twitter background

Since Twitter is all about the details when it comes to its images, here are some things to keep in mind while you choose size of Twitter background:

  1. Your Twitter background is the first thing one sees when visiting your profile, and it would make sense if it represented you, your brand, and all your account stands for.visiting profile picture
  2. Since the profile picture will end up covering the left corner of your background, it would be better to leave that area of the image blank. This way, nothing is hidden because of misplacement.
  3. It’s recommended that the background have a 3:1 ratio, with the dimensions being 1500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall.twitter background dimension
  4. The images used for the background can be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, with the file size not exceeding 5GB.
  5. Sadly, Twitter does not allow GIFs as background. So, for now, we make do with static images.

Now, you must sort out the technicalities of putting up the perfect Twitter background. Make sure the quality of the images used by you is good. That’s something you don’t want to compromise on. It’s essential to use high-quality images with the correct dimensions. As the proportion of these images varies from device to device. This is why you need to know the perfect size of your Twitter background

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Earlier, Twitter allowed you to crop the background image in multiple ways to get your desired look, but not anymore. Hence, it helps to use this size guide to get that perfect look. Size of Twitter background should be perfect.

Suppose the image used is a low-quality image or has incorrect dimensions. In that case, Twitter takes it upon itself to correct the proportion. The outcome may not necessarily be the best. Therefore, it’s best to use images that fit the criteria instead of making do. You can create templates through various sites and apps and design your perfect Twitter background.

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