Twitter Account Suspended: Here’s Why And How To Restore?

Twitter account suspended in case an account reports to us as breaking our Twitter Rules regarding abuse, we may suspend it. When an account participates in abusive activity, such as posting spam to others or misrepresenting others’ accounts, temporarily or permanently suspend it.

twitter account suspended


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You may take a few easy steps to regain access to your Twitter account if it has been facing suspension, locked, or has restrictions. Suppose Twitter believes you are using false information, spamming, employing a bot, pretending to be someone else’s account, or acting abusively or suspiciously. In that case, they may suspend or temporarily restrict your account. Your account may be facing restrictions if Twitter believes you have been hacked. This article will walk you through getting your locked or Twitter account suspended back, from confirming your identity to appealing. Follow these steps if Twitter account suspended

Step 1

Log in to Twitter

login to twitter

Select or tap. If Twitter is still open, keep on. Suppose you need help seeing the verification option. In that case, You can still use Twitter with temporarily restricted capabilities if your account has restrictions. You cannot reactivate it by confirming your email address or phone number. You may appeal if the ban is indefinite and you did nothing wrong.

Step 2

If a link to Twitter is provided, click or tap it. Select this option to use Twitter in a restricted manner if you don’t see the option to authenticate your phone number or email address. If your account is facing temporary restriction, you’ll notice a countdown that indicates how long it will take to restore automatically. Depending on the severe breach, the restriction will typically lift on its own after 12 to 7 days. While your account is facing restriction, certain functions may not be possible, including Tweeting, retweeting, and liking.

fill the form

You can still use Twitter to browse and send direct messages to your followers if your account has been facing restrictions for breaking Twitter’s rules, but you will only be able to tweet once they remove the restriction.


Remove any prohibited tweets if possible

If you get access to your Twitter account, remove any tweets and retweets that are against Twitter’s policies before challenging the restriction.

remove tweet

Continue using this procedure to contest the suspension if you cannot access your account because it can permanently suspend.


Go to in a web browser.

This is the official Twitter appeals form for restricted and suspended accounts. Using this form, you can provide Twitter with additional information to aid in their review of your suspension or limitation if you believe it was done in error.


Please state your reasoning for thinking the suspension or limitation is incorrect in the space provided.

Give detailed examples of how your actions or tweets do not violate the law. Tell them this, for instance, if you believe you are the subject of bulk reporting by trolls or bots. 

account suspended

Similarly, make it clear that you are not accountable for the content your account shares if it was stolen. Inform Twitter if you’ve taken back control of your account so they can quickly return it to you.

Most crucial, be as courteous as you can to guarantee a quick and fair verdict.


Your full name and contact information should be there. Update each field if the information from your account needs to populate correctly. Twitter will use the email address you provide to contact you.


You’ll notice an Upload image button if your account is facing suspension that is because Twitter believes you to be underage or using a false identity. In this situation, you must click the box to upload a legitimate photo ID that contains the name connected to your Twitter account.


Click the button to submit the form once you’ve finished filling it out. When a decision is made on your account, Twitter will email you to let you know.

Thus, after all these steps are done, you can restore twitter account suspended.

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Therefore by following these steps you can restore if Twitter account suspended . You do not have to worry when you face such an issue, as solving every problem is not that difficult. You just need to keep patience and follow each step guided here and you can resolve your issue.

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