Twitter Audience Insights: An Expert’s Guide

Twitter Audience Insights describes how followers of a specific account behave and carry out other activities. Businesses can use audience data in various ways to boost their profits.

For marketers and advertisers, Twitter Audience Insights, launched in 2015, was like a gold mine. It provided immediate audience engagement insights via tweets. Because you could benefit from Twitter audience insight in terms of audience demographics, way of life, customer behavior, and more, this information is necessary for an advertiser to run an effective campaign or product advertisement. A Brand will utilize this knowledge to battle its rivals. With the help of this information, a marketer can devise a plan to target potential clients.


Twitter audience insights

Twitter has freely shared this statistical data to aid in expanding businesses and organizations. However, Twitter announced in January 2021 that they would stop offering “Audience Insights” at the end of the month. And so it came to pass. Therefore, marketers are looking for substitutes that can deliver critical insights.

twitter insight

Following are some audience insights and their goals:

Followers Last tweet Date

This Twitter audience insight provides the timing of the most recent tweet from one of your followers. Consider a profile inactive if its most recent tweet was more than a year ago. You won’t get anything from inactive followers. Thus it’s preferable to get rid of them. You may raise your engagement metrics with this method.

Percentage of Verified, Protected, and Profiles with URL

These three observations are distinct ones. First, Twitter blue-ticks verified accounts to confirm that they are legitimate accounts. Second, those who do not follow a protected account are unaware of its activity. Thirdly, any account with a link in its bio is considered to have a profile with a URL.

verified account

Verified accounts, protected accounts, and URL profiles should all have a high percentage to gain a loyal following. Using this metric, you may monitor your audience and use the verified accounts to advance your business.

Most Popular Followers

Using this audience insight, you can see which of your followers have a sizable following. This can be used to find influencers who interact with your brand. Additionally, you can examine these influencers’ Twitter accounts and followers. This can aid in locating the ideal influencer to market your business and broaden your social media reach.

Best Time to Tweet

A tweet lasts, on average, for about 15 to 20 minutes. On average, 5000 tweets are posted on Twitter every second. That’s a ton of information, isn’t it? Additionally, if you don’t tweet out when your users are online, it will be lost in the user’s unending timeline and never be found again. The effectiveness of your previous tweets is examined by the optimum time to tweet metric. The period when the majority of people are online is then provided. You can broaden your audience and improve user interaction by tweeting within this window.


You only need to assess your requirements to put the findings into practice; FollowersAnalysis will handle the rest. You can now use your Twitter account after making the necessary modifications.

For your helpful purpose, FollowersAnalysis can be used without you needing to be an expert. You can download FollowersAnalysis’s findings as simple-to-read PDF files. The reports are packed with helpful audience insights that can be used to develop business expansion plans.


Finally, Twitter audience insights can improve a Twitter campaign, produce fruitful interactions, and entice new clients to your business.

I tried to cover most of the Twitter audience insights in this blog, but if I missed anything crucial, please let us know.