9 Best Tools to Use for Twitter Auto Messages

In this article, we will talk about the best tools for Twitter auto messages. We all are moving towards a digital age and spend most of our time on Social Media accounts. But do you know that some genius minds are growing their businesses by spending the same amount of time on the same platform? Here is how?

Social Media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are the platforms where we can interact with many audiences simultaneously. There was a time when people thought of these apps as just a way of passing the time, but now these have become a lot more than that. If I need to sell a product digitally v/s physically, it would be better to choose digitally as it allows me to interact with many audiences. But now the question arises, “Do I need more manpower to interact with many audiences?”. For example, let us assume I have 1000 audiences. So, do I need to hire at least 500 employees who can handle my customers? The answer to this question is a big “No”. You can handle this number of people alone.

All the social media platforms have developed many tools that can work as your employees to handle your customers without any employment charge.

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Top 9 Tools to use for Twitter Auto Messages

These tools help you send Twitter auto messages when you connect with a new or old follower who shows interest in you by liking or commenting on your tweet. These tools develop with an algorithm that understands the likes and dislikes of every follower on your account.

Auto messages are the messages which are sent automatically when a new follower connects with us. Twitter auto messages are sent with the help of a tool. Some of those tools are below.

Tweet Manager

It is a beneficial tool for sending automated direct messages and helps send them in bulk. Tweet Manager also helps in automatic retweeting.

tweet manager

You can schedule your tweets and message posting time with the help of this beautiful tool. It also sends automatic responses to the people who reply to you. It is a free and user-friendly tool.


SocialOomph is also very easy-to-use too, and it is a paid tool. SocialOomph also helps to send automated direct messages to followers, and it also helps to send messages in bulk and URL shortening. It helps to schedule your tweets and message posting time like Tweet Manager.


Earlier it was known as TweetLater.com with a focus on Twitter-related solutions, but as it has broadened its scope to other social media platforms, it was renamed Social Oomph in 2009.


This tool is to automate direct messages. UnfollowSpy is the perfect tool and has free access. It tracks followers and non-followers, removing those who don’t follow back. It is also available in a mobile version compatible with all smartphones and tablets, such as Samsung, Apple, Nokia, etc.


As the name, it tracks inactive users, and if you want, you can remove them from your list. You can also track low-quality or spammy accounts using Unfollow Spy.


This tool automates direct messages. But instead of static messages, guests will get random texts. CrowdFire helps you look more humane than robotic. This tool finds the content that will be most loved by the individual audience and serve them.


According to their needs and taste to keep the audiences engaged. It helps in prescheduling all your content.

App Unfollowers

App Unfollowers is like every other app for automated direct messages. It has the unique feature of removing EGGS from your account, and EGGS are false Users.

app unfollowers

It customizes the list of users or followers that must be categorized under a white or black list. App Unfollowers also helps keep topics trending globally and nationally under direct view. It helps you find your most suitable users and grow your social networks.


Holr is also any other app for sending automated direct messages, and it works on both Twitter and Instagram. With the help of Holr, a message can be sent to all the followers or a list of followers.


It also recreates an emotional and authentic interaction between a fan and an influencer. If you want to see premium content from the people that inspire, motivate, educate and give you goals to aspire to – without ads or distractions- then you will feel happy and productive using Holr.

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Agorapulse is an all-in-one social media marketing tool that provides you with the feature of which Twitter automation service is given. Let’s begin with its publishing tool.


This platform allows you to handle all traffic levels for your social media platforms from one place. You can collaborate with your team members and organize when and what to post. Once you’re ready after scheduling everything, you are free from minor hustles because things will be taken care of by Agorapulse. It makes life easy and allows you to categorize your post according to the group’s content and ongoing campaigns.

It also provides a listening tool that keeps you in the loop and lets you connect with the audience.

Agorapulse gives you the feature to set and receive a report automatically. It also allows you to pick and choose which grade to include in your report so you will see filtered results according to your preferred grade in reports.

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Missinglettr is a renowned and best scheduler currently available in the market, which gives you an extra exciting feature for scheduling your task on a social media platform. If you’re looking for a tool to do your scheduling job, Missinglettr has many things to offer.

Let’s begin with its calendar. It helps in scheduling posts and automates the entire scheduling process. Once everything sets, it can run the whole campaign independently.


Via this tool, you can not only plan but also create and review posts from one tool, which makes everything more easily.

Suppose you have heard about drip email campaigns. It almost works in the same pattern. The minute difference is that we will use social media platforms, which will help to boost your engagement and inbound traffic. Through this feature, you can send pre-written content or text to your customer at the specified time. This whole job is by Missinglettr single-handedly and automatically.

It also has a tool that finds the content on your behalf. And schedule it in the calendar to publish it later. That means you are free from finding the content and sharing it manually on Twitter.

Social Bee 

If we talk, Social Bee is considered the best social media scheduling tool for posting on social media platforms, including Twitter.


Twitter is another big marketing platform, and Social Bee can greatly support releasing content. It provides settings where you can categorize and post specific topics under a specific label. Not only this, one can queue post, and if it seems unfit with the timeline, they can be re-queued. 

It also allows you to edit and add variations to your post to make it look as fresh as new.

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So, these are some of the best tools you can use for Twitter auto-messages. Although these tools are beneficial and time-saving, you should remember that with the help of these tools and sending automated messages; your goal should be making a relationship and building trust with the follower, not selling your product. Never try to send the product link while talking for the first time with the follower; it may reduce trust, and the user can also consider it spam.

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