Top 10 Twitter Blue Features That You Should Know

Twitter Blue features is a paid subscription service and are the newest product upgrade. Twitter Blue is a monthly service that costs money but gives customers access to premium features.

twitter blue

It has many intriguing features, including the in-demand capacity to undo tweets that have (nearly) been published. The service was once exclusively accessible to users in the United States but is now also accessible to Australian and Canadian users. Users can save tweets, personalize the Twitter icon and app, organize saved tweets in folders, access “Reader Mode,” and undo tweets for a nominal $2.99 monthly cost.

Further in this article, you will know about Twitter blue features and their uses.

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Twitter Blue Features: Explicit Descriptions 

Twitter Blue grants users access to several extra tools to personalize their platform experience. You can get the following features when you purchase a Twitter Blue features subscription:

Tweet, Reply, or Thread Undo

If a user types incorrectly, forgets to tag someone, or makes another error, Twitter Blue provides an additional option to undo their Tweets. Users can set a custom time limit of up to 30 seconds before the Tweet, Thread, or Reply is visible on the timeline before clicking “Undo.” The setting is turned on by default.

reply, undo, thread

When you send a Tweet as a Twitter Blue subscriber, it will only appear on your feed after the Undo Tweet window has elapsed. Select “View Tweet” from the “Sending Tweet” notification to make changes.

Bookmark Folder

Folders for bookmarks are grouped and sorted for easy access.

bookmark folder

There is no limit to the bookmarks and bookmark folders you can add.

Reader Mode For Smooth Reading

Reader Mode is also available to Twitter Blue subscribers, which makes it more fun to read lengthy pieces of content on the network.

reader mode

You can read everything fluidly since this technology converts lengthy threads on Twitter into simple text. You may also alter the text size with this tool to improve your reading experience.


You can only choose from the Dim, Default, and Lights Out themes on Twitter’s free edition.


You can customize the app’s theme colors with Twitter Blue.

Top Stories

The most popular articles from the individuals you follow are under “Top Articles.” You can now locate the articles you want to read.

top stories

To read an article, choose it from the list, or to join the conversation, choose the profiles of those who shared it. To use the function, locate “Top Articles” in the menu of your profile. 

Enjoy Articles Without Ads

Your experience on the site is only partially ad-free with Twitter Blue. Despite having paid for the subscription, there will still be advertisements. However, you can read articles without advertisements from a site connected to the Twitter Blue Publishers Network.

article without ad

Remember that the Ad-Free Articles option currently only accepts publishers with US locations. Additionally, they do not provide access to the sites’ content, which requires a different membership.

Unique App Icons

You can modify the Twitter mobile app symbol with custom app icons.

unique app icon

There are numerous seasonal and colorful choices. Check your settings frequently because featured looks are only accessible briefly.

Custom Navigation

If Twitter’s navigation bar differs from what you’re looking for, you can add bookmarks, lists, profiles, and monetization indicators (iOS only).

Experimental Features

Utilize experimental features, like pinned direct message chats and 10-minute video uploads.

Reader For Threads

The updated thread reader mode makes it simpler to read lengthy threads. As you scroll, large tiles display each tweet, merely the tweet and any supplementary images or videos. All distractions, including the username, date, numbers, and avatar, disappear when it is active. Additionally, you can change the text size.

reader for thread

I hope this article has given you an insight into Twitter blue features.

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The undo-tweet option is the central feature that most people adore. It’s vital to remember that employing this method will only reverse tweets; they cannot be changed. Regarding undoing them, Twitter Blue allows users to recall tweets and postpone their publication. The decision to make the tweeting public must be made within a minute by users.

At $2.99, Twitter Blue’s subscription is unquestionably reasonable. Even at such a cheap pricing point, Twitter falls short regarding the value, even though the new functionality may be helpful for some users.

Therefore, Twitter blue features are a great way to attract an audience to your Twitter account. All you need is to know how you can use it.

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