How to open Twitter Desktop on Mobile?

Twitter today has become one of the most searched applications. We can see various actors, celebrities, politicians, industrialists, and people from different sectors on Twitter. This you will not find in any other application.

As we all know, Twitter plays an important role in people’s lives. Here we can see what is happening in the world and become a part of a trend, troll a person, expose a person, and even praise a person. Recently in reports, it was found out that Twitter has the most active number of users worldwide. It has various facilities that make it famous because it is simple to use.

Most importantly, we can complain about any issue we are having with any technical device or app we have an issue will be solved.

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About Twitter

Twitter has its advantages and disadvantages. We all know everything goes in a sink. It is an American social media company founded in 2006, and from that day till today has become one of the leading applications for every person to go and search for whatever they want to see.


We can say that Twitter has recently gone through many changes, from creating its circle to having group chats. It is a micro-blogging platform where one can share their thoughts in limited words and about anyone. It is a platform where you can tag or talk about any person without being afraid of getting blacklisted because Twitter allows you to praise anyone, irrespective of who the person is. 

This feature of Twitter makes it unique, and more and more people strive on the platform. Recently we have seen an increase in craze for Twitter in youngsters especially wearing if we see the graph of this very application, we will see that after Facebook arrived, its competition increased.

Many users attracted towels other applications like Facebook or Instagram, which are some of the other ways are of the same type, but they have their disadvantages. Once again, people are attracted to Twitter due to its features, and they ensure that the view is satisfied.

They worked to improve Twitter. And as this plant form is a piece of information yet a place where you can freely express yourself, it has made a special place in people’s phones. A person may forget to use any other application but will always remember to log in just to get updated with all the recent news and activities in the City.

Twitter desktop on mobile

Twitter desktop is not very different from the mobile version. As the mobile version is specifically designed for smartphones and tabs. But, it does not give a desktop-like experience. For those who use Twitter on a different desktop experience as it is easier to use the Twitter desktop version on mobile or smartphones.

Usually, there are chances of misspellings due to our phone keyboard being in a hurry; we sometimes type wrongly, which we are not aware of, and even we do not get any notification regarding that. Moreover, on the desktop, whenever you type, please type consciously. Every alphabet is spelled correctly, and if a sentence the wrong that immediate error is shown occurs.

twitter mobile

You can quickly get access to the Twitter desktop on your mobile phones just by following a few simple steps

  1. Firstly, go to Chrome on your mobile.
  2. Then log on to Twitter using it.
  3. After you have done that, click on the three-dot option.
  4. Then request a desktop site.

After your request is accepted, your phone-view Twitter account will convert into a desktop view. This method works only on the Google Chrome browser. So, if you want to get that, you only have to use the chrome browser.

Remember, whether you are trying on IOS or Android, no other browser will work apart from Google Chrome. Therefore, you can modify your Twitter account as you can and even view your account on whatever site you want. Twitter desktop on mobile makes it more convenient for you since the desktop view is available on your mobile itself.