How to Perform Twitter fleets Download | Easy Guide

Twitter fleets download can be done. Look in the article to know more. After paying much heed to the trend of short-term content, Twitter launched its fleets in November 2020. Twitter fleets are in response to Instagram and Snapchat stories. Similarly to Snapchat’s stories and WhatsApp statuses, twitter’s fleets are a story configuration that deletes automatically after 1 day, i.e., 24 hours. Fleets are free to use for all Twitter users. One can share Fleets crude moments of one’s day or life that they don’t necessarily want to post on their account for a period.

twitter fleet

Before knowing about ways to Twitter fleet download, let’s know about the Twitter fleet.

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Personalize Twitter fleet

Fleets have personalized features, such as: 

  • Retweet of a fleet is possible
  • It allows to like or give public replies to a Fleet
  • Fleets define characteristics allowing them to delete after posting. 

personalise twitter fleet

Often a Fleet can be so exquisite that it catches a user’s attention with great bondage. In such cases, users may want to store them for later use. Unfortunately, there is no official way to download Twitter Fleets through the app above or the website, but for the sneaky, sly, and determined, it can be done using third-party applications.

Sadly twitter discontinued fleets on Aug 3, 2021. With the fleet exterminating, social media enthusiasts look only at Instagram and Snapchat stories and WhatsApp statuses.

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Ways to Download Twitter fleet

There are multiple ways to download Twitter fleets. I will tell you about 2 of them:


It is a versatile website that allows users to download videos and other forms of content directly into their device of choice (most likely computer or laptop) from significant entertainment and social media apps such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok, etc. The unique feature of this website is that it is one of the few websites that allows the download of Twitter Fleets.


To download a Fleet, please follow these mentioned steps:

  1. Carefully type on your desktop web browser to open DDLVid.
  2. The URL of the Twitter profile copies without any form of variations from the original and has to correspond to the Twitter profile.
  3. Then the URL is pasted in the box provided by DDLVid.
  4. After that, the “get video” button should be pressed.
  5. After completing the above processes, the site will provide a viewing example. 
  6. Clicking on download to finish the task, you shall have the downloaded fleet.

Twitter Fleet Saver & Downloader

It is a third-party application that is one of a kind since it directly allows the user to download the fleet from the application itself, but every great thing has its downsides; if you are a filthy rich iPhone user, then I may have some bad news for you: this method may not work in your case.

twitter fleet saver and downloader

Steps to download Twitter fleets with Twitter Fleet Saver & Downloader:

  1. Open the play store app (only available for Android devices)
  2. Search “The Fleet Saver” app.
  3. Make sure that the developer who fabricated the app is “MMYURT.”
  4. Install the app.
  5. Open Twitter.
  6. Navigate to the profile whose Fleets you’d like to download.
  7. There shall be a clickable button on the right-hand top that will lead to the “More” menu
  8. Click on “Share.”
  9. Choose “Fleets saver.”
  10. Then click on “Download”.

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Sadly the extermination of the Twitter Fleet on Aug 3 was due to the disappointing response from the users. It was a very proficient start from Twitter’s side, but it was nothing new that the social media world hadn’t already seen. But now that Twitter is under the rule of Elon Musk, we can expect significant changes in the social media app.

It is told that most of the Twitter staff have been cut off to start the renovation of Twitter from dust. Elon is a man of innovation, and I am sure he would not let his legacy discontinue in twitter’s case. Twitter, a tech giant, has always drawn the eyes of millions of people worldwide; hence, every tiny mistake criticizes with great intensity.

With the research I have done, I have concluded that even though the fleet was a failure in the eyes of the social media world, its ripples will create a long-lasting urge to change the social media game.

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