How to Do Proper Twitter Follower Analysis for Maximum Growth

Having thousands of followers is fantastic, but it is nothing unless you can keep them interested. You must distribute pertinent material that connects with your audience and motivates them to act. You might start by investigating Twitter followers to find out who is following them.


Twitter follower analysis

The quantity of followers is given so much attention, yet very few companies invest the time to comprehend their clients. You could think you know what to share, but unless you investigate your Twitter audience, all you can do is guess. Here are some easy steps to follow for your Twitter follower analysis.

Obtain the Proper Tools

It would take too much time and be ineffective to manually review each of your followers. Use a program that enables you to examine your Twitter following instead. It is better if you can extract more data. The demographics of your followers are well-covered by Twitter’s native analytics, which is an excellent place to start.

Utilizing a third-party tool is beneficial to learn more details beyond demographics.

Keeping a check on what are the tweets of your followers

Finding out what subjects they are tweeting about is the next step after determining how many legitimate followers you have. This will enable you to tailor your material to your audience’s interests. Their propensity to engage will increase as they relate to your Tweets more. You can manually browse each follower’s timeline to determine their hobbies from their timeline. But you’ll need a lot of time to do it. As an alternative, you can use Twitter’s analytics to acquire a broad overview of the interests of your followers.


If individuals mention your company on Twitter, you can take it further and discover what they are Tweeting about. Additionally, by being aware of the hashtags and subjects your followers tweet about, you’ll improve your chances of being found by new users who conduct Twitter searches using the same terms.

Keeping a check on which influencers follow you on Twitter

An excellent strategy to expand your audience and establish yourself as an authority in your field is to network with influencers. However, you must interact with an influencer on Twitter to get the most out of your relationship.

Twitter doesn’t send a specific notification to let you know when an influencer starts following you, despite the fact that having them as a follower is valuable because of how well-known they are.

Keeping a check on the percentage of your Fake followers

Twitter has admitted that over 20 million of its users were automated. You likely have at least a tiny fraction of bots following you with that many automated accounts. These accounts increase your follower count, but they don’t add anything.

fake followers

While some businesses purposefully employ dishonest strategies like purchasing phoney followers, you can unknowingly be Tweeting to a bot audience. These bots follow numerous random accounts to mimic human people. So, if your account is on their list, they may follow you. Finding the fakes is the first step in assessing your Twitter followers.

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Keeping a check on how often their followers engage

The fact that Twitter is likely the noisiest social network has already been well-established. Your feed may be filled with hundreds of fresh Tweets at any given moment. Your Tweets receive less engagement as a result of fewer people seeing them. Try to understand your follower’s Twitter behaviors in order to combat this.

Tweeting when your followers are online improves your chances of being viewed. Although most of your followers won’t see your Tweets, the objective is to maximize your chances.

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Best tweets

Your top tweet and top media tweet will be displayed on your primary analytics dashboard each month. To see the exact engagement broken down by detail expands, link clicks, profile clicks, and more, click “View Tweet activity”.

view tweet activity

You may gather the learnings and identify their commonalities by looking at your top Tweets from a given month in one location.

Impressions on tweets

You may get a list of your Tweets along with the number of impressions under the Tweets section. You may check the performance of each Tweet as well as recent months or a 28-day snapshot of total impressions. Profit from this information by reusing tweets with the highest number of impressions or by writing tweets about a related topic.

The cumulative summary can be used to contrast monthly activity. What changed for you in a month with more impressions? Have you tweeted more often? Look at how you can replicate the months that gave you positive impressions. A different choice is to test out Twitter Ads, which will increase the audience for your material.

Keeping a check on profile visits

The top of your analytics dashboard shows the number of visits to your Twitter profile. This number is updated every day and covers 28 days. Along with a little graph showing the progression of this data over time, it also compares it to the previous 28-day period.

check on profile visits

This might help you track whether or not more or fewer people are viewing your profile, allowing you to plan and modify your tweets accordingly.

Follower expansion

You can monitor how your following has changed over the past 30 days and how many new followers you have gained daily in the follower section of your dashboard. Check your Tweets from that day to see if you can identify why you either acquired or lost a lot of followers on that particular day. You might also consider launching a campaign to recruit new, enthusiastic followers.

Interacting with your followers fosters brand loyalty. You should respond, re-tweet, and follow back those who frequently interact with the Twitter profile for your company. You will build a more active and devoted following by doing this.

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So, these are the various steps that you can follow for your Twitter follower analysis for the maximum growth of your Twitter account.