How to Do Twitter Followers Tracking Efficiently?

Twitter is the social media that welcomes a huge crowd to its platform, and one is the major reason for it to be lionized. This enables many advantages to the huge audience with their marketing business, for bloggers and influencers, and also aids the students in their studies and research, along with following the day’s trend.

Well, the big deal here on Twitter is about gaining followers, but unfortunately, it isn’t an easy task, well unless you’re famous or dead, but apart from these two types, it’s easier for those who are very well-versed with technology or for those who are simply rich, rich enough to pay so they can activate more followers.

But there’s one thing they all forget, having more followers isn’t what makes them successful; it is managing and tracking those followers, so they stay instead of unfollowing in a day or two. And the best way to do so is to check if you’ve gained or lost followers every day is the best way to track and manage your Twitter audience and the best way to know your followers’ importance. So let’s see how it’s done so you can manage your audience.

There are two doors you open and walk in to track your followers.

You can track them manually; the other path is using social media management tools or analytical tools to follow them.

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Twitter Followers Tracking – Manual

Well, this is a feature you can find on Twitter, and as it’s a default, you can utilize this to supervise your supporters. This process is used, and it’s productive only if you possess a lesser number of supporters.

twitter tracker

Manual search is where you can survey your followers to see if they’re active by browsing the followers’ list, or the other way could be using a spreadsheet for the everyday follower count. This way, you can learn about your followers and also chances of getting connected to them closer.

Managing and Analytical tools

Before getting to know about this, you should know that Twitter has an analytics strategy, which is very much efficient. It lets you evaluate and assess your Tweets, Profile visits, and Tweet ideas and explore Followers.

twitter analytics tool

Social Media Management tools are those used to enable users, Businesses to evolve and enhance their social networks.


Due to a lot of evolution in the technology field, many tools are emerging to track followers.

The prominent one is Circleboom. It’s one of the popular tools that can be used for Twitter followers tracking.


Circleboom empowers the handler to equip tools to find spammers, inactive accounts, or ones with fake accounts, allows analytics on Twitter accounts and insights on your followers, and finds a fresh audience.

Various social media management tools can be used to trace the followers, but it depends upon your needs and liking.


Another Social media management tool is Vaizle. It is a Free Twitter Analytics Tool that shows the total number of Twitter followers and reveals the modifications in Followers on Twitter.


Vaizle enables the handler to compare with other profiles, to compare your insights, strengths, performance, and also the weakness with the other profiles you wish to see. And also, you get Top Hashtags against your opponents.

Here are a few other Twitter Followers Tracker Tools:

  • Manage Flitter
  • DoesFollow
  • FollowerAudit
  • TUNS
  • TwitterAudit
  • SocialRank
  • Tweepi
  • Commun.i


Tracing Twitter followers’ growth is one way to increase the follower count, which boosts your social media dignity. And the above-mentioned techniques of Twitter follower tracking are a few promising services and tools. These lend several characteristics to build an active audience.