Twitter Is Not Loading Images | Top 5 Ways To Fix

Twitter is not loading images seems to be a technical issue you can solve by following the steps below. As we all know, every person has global connectivity nowadays, and the reason behind that connectivity is social media apps. In the 21st generation, a service like Twitter is necessary. Most people can’t even imagine their lives without social media, but what if someone had a bug in the most widely used application, like Twitter? For many people, Twitter serves as a source of news and the most recent events and a way to interact with some well-known personalities.

image not loading

Naturally, it’s also an excellent place to find memes and essential events worldwide, but it is possible only when Twitter’s image loading is smooth. But this application may experience various issues, including challenges with image loading, the display of links rather than images, etc. For various reasons, Twitter may stop loading or displaying photos and GIFs. It can be a server-side fault, a faulty application cache, or an internet connection.

Further, read the ways to fix Twitter is not loading images.

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5 Ways To Fix Twitter Is Not Loading Images

So, these are the fixes for the issue with Twitter is not loading images:

Clear The Twitter App Cache

corrupted Twitter cache is a feature that blocks pictures from loading on mobile and desktop devices. If you clear the app’s data, Twitter will require you to redownload everything.

For Android-based devices

clear cache from android

1. Launch the Settings app on Android and select Apps > Twitter.

2. Click on Cache and Storage.

3. Click Clear cache.

Regarding iOS, Windows, and macOS devices:

clear cache from ios

1. Click the Settings and privacy option after choosing your Twitter profile picture.

2. On Accessibility, display, and language, pick Data usage.

3. Select Clear media storage under Media storage.

4. Return to the earlier screen.

5. Click Clear All Web Storage under Web Storage.

If you visit Twitter via a web browser, begin clearing the cache. Again using Chrome as an example, open a new tab and enter chrome:/settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar. Select Clear data after selecting the categories for Cached pictures and files, cookies, and other site data.

Upgrade To The Most Recent Twitter Application Version

Try updating the Twitter app to the most recent version, as older versions can be very problematic. Search for Twitter in the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store, or App Store to do that. Select Update, and the problem will be resolved. If the upgradation didn’t solve the issue, you can uninstall the Twitter app and then reinstall it through the Play Store, App Store or Microsoft Store and sign into your Twitter profile.

update twitter app

You upgrade your browser if the issue arises while using Twitter on your computer.

Disable Ad-blockers or Content Blockers

A software application called an Ad Blocker prevents online ads, and pop Up Blockers can block advertisements from appearing on any website or in your preferred mobile game.

disable ad blockers

If you use an ad blocker on your web browser, Twitter could periodically stop functioning or show some problems loading the images on Twitter. Disabling the Ad-blocker or adding Twitter to its list of exceptions will fix the problem, and all the images will load correctly.

Close All The Recent Apps And Re-Open Twitter

Closing all the recent applications and then relaunching Twitter can quickly fix image-loading issues with the app. Open the app switcher on your mobile device, swipe away all the application cards presented in the recent tab, and relaunch Twitter Application from the home screen.

close all apps

Suppose you are using the Twitter application on any desktop before relaunching the Twitter application on Windows or macOS. In that case, it’s a good idea to close it down using Activity Monitor or Task Manager.

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Check Your Internet Connection

Since Twitter is an online platform, you need a working internet connection to view tweets in both text and image form. Twitter images won’t be visible on your timeline if your phone isn’t using mobile data or connected to a Wi-Fi network. Try to stable your mobile data or Wi-Fi Network and then load the images in the Twitter app or website.

check your internet connection

Remember to follow each steps correctly for Twitter is not loading images.


Twitter’s picture-loading issues are typically simple to fix. Usually, it’s just a case of the internet being inconsistent or an odd virus causing a problem. If not, spend some time completing the necessary fixes, and you ought to be able to get Twitter to load photos normally.

Therefore, whenever you face the issue of Twitter is not loading images follow these steps and solve your issue.

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