How To View Private Twitter Accounts?

Twitter is the best social networking site for discovering new content and keeping up with your favorite people and interests. Twitter makes it possible to communicate with others instantly, connecting individuals from all over the world like never before.

While some people only use Twitter to read, others utilize it to express their ideas. Serena Williams, a professional tennis player, utilizes Twitter to follow the most recent information from her favorite band, Green Day.


View Private Twitter accounts

If you use Twitter, you have probably run into this problem attempting to access a protected tweet without being a follower of the user. Indeed, many Twitter users choose to make their accounts private so that only their followers can access their tweets and content. In short, that is the same as making your account private on Facebook or Instagram.

Users are given greater privacy to choose who has access to their content. Although turning on private mode is a valuable social networking tool, doing so will prevent you from gaining more followers because no one will be able to see your tweets.

The rapper Snoop Dog appreciates learning baking tricks from Martha Stewart’s standard recipes in the morning. These are well-known people whose online profiles are available. What about privately owned accounts, though?

This in-depth article lets you learn how to view private Twitter accounts. Thanks to this article, you may view private Twitter accounts differently.

1st Approach is to Follow the private account

The first step is to follow the personal account. Sending a follow request to the person is the most helpful way to access a private Twitter account because Twitter’s privacy policy forbids users other than followers from accessing private tweets from a private account (Assuming the other party accepts the request).

You can observe the other person’s actions while you wait for them to accept the request after you submit it.
However, there’s a good chance your ideal follower won’t consent to do so. Here are a few more ideas that you can use.

2nd Approach is Google Search Cache

If someone has their cache enabled, you can view their tweets via Google since cached tweets are allowed to show up on Google images when using Google search. Users mostly enable Google cache to improve their searchability, broaden their readership, and grow their fan following. You can find a tweet using a Google image search if you know its name, the location it may have mentioned, a keyword, or any links it may have contained.

To visit a private account on Google, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google homepage.
  2. Enter the Twitter username of the user whose tweets you’re looking for in the search
  3. To identify tweets or accounts that are accessible, click the “Images” images

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3rd Approach is to Create a fake account

If none of the tactics mentioned above were successful, you might try setting up a phony Twitter account and requesting to follow the subject.

Registering an account using the person’s friend’s name is preferable for this strategy to work. It significantly raises the likelihood that your request will be approved.

How Can I Make a Faux Twitter Account?

Making a phoney Twitter account is identical to making a legitimate one. Simply provide false information in the blanks to complete the form.

How to make a phoney Twitter account is as follows:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Twitter.
  2. Choose “Sign up with phone or email” in step two.join twitter
  3. Specify a name for your account. Remember that someone from the person’s circle of friends would be a good choice.create account
  4. Then select “Use email instead.”use email instead
  5. Enter the email. You should create a new email id (for instance, on Proton).
  6. Enter the fields and continue to click “Next”
  7. Check your email before clicking “Follow.”


To read the private tweets, you can either use a Google cache or make a fake Twitter account and ask to follow the user whose tweets you want to see.
Before requesting to follow someone, it is advised to amass at least a few followers. The greatest way to allay suspicions would be if you could add some shared friends.
Sending a follow request, however, would be a more practical and safe choice. You can view private tweets on Twitter in this way without breaching the law.