How to Use Wayback Machine for Twitter?

Wayback machine is a free service provided by the non-profit Internet Archive, which aims to provide universal access to all knowledge among the general public and other researchers. It allows internet users to create a free account and upload media managed by bots, employees, and volunteers. This site can be accessed through its app or the website.

The ‘Wayback machine’ works as an archive for web pages. This website archives the books, audio, texts, videos, and other media which are being removed from any website.

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Can we use the Wayback machine for Twitter?

If you doubt, “Can we use a Wayback machine for Twitter?” the answer is YES. The Wayback machine can be used for Twitter and other social media platforms to get the previously archived deleted media. It’s simple.

You need to copy the URL of the profile of the account you want to go through, and just by hitting the enter button, you get a complete list of the archived deleted media of that account. You can view all the dates on which the archived media was deleted differently.


This feature helps people find the content deleted by any creator, any other important information, or evidence of less-than-tweets for any research or knowledge.

That is not true if you think we can get all the deleted data through this method. When a user posts any kind of content on Twitter and deletes it quickly without it getting a chance to be archived, then that content will not be displayed on this site as it was not archived. Rather than this, you may find people, fans, and stans who are quick enough to capture those data through screenshots. These people may have the content which you are maybe looking for.

Okay, so if you think, “Are all these features available for free?” then you are right. This site provides you with all the significant features for ‘free’. Aside from this, it also accepts donations to help fund its goal. But it is not necessary. This site also allows you to sign up for an Archive Subscription if those services suit your needs better. 

Steps to use the Wayback machine

Now let me briefly give you the steps to use the Wayback machine:

  1. Open the website 
  2. Go to any browser and type the URL‘.
  3. Find the Twitter profile.
  4. Open the profile of the user you want to dig into and copy its URL. Paste the URL in the space on the page and hit the ‘BROWSE HISTORY’ button.archive
  5. Once you click the button or hit ‘Enter’, you will be redirected to another page with all the data with dates.
  6. Select a date range
  7. Go through the dates and select which date you would like to check. There you will find the days on which the deleting activity took place.
  8. Check the Results

Lastly, you can choose the date, and the page will redirect you to the deleted archived content. You can find screenshots of the profile before the content was deleted.

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So, through this article, you got to know whether you can use the Wayback machine for Twitter or not and how to do so. The steps were kept very simple for you to understand easily. I hope you find this helpful.