New Strategies to Mass Block Twitter Users: Avoid Spam in 2023

Now rebranded as “X,” Twitter is a powerful social media platform connecting people globally. However, the advent of threads has led a substantial portion of Twitter’s audience to shift to the Threads app. Consequently, an influx of spam accounts has emerged on Twitter, impacting sales and business operations. If you’re seeking ways to mass-block Twitter users to counter this issue, you’re in the right place.

You can efficiently block such spam accounts using various methods. You can incorporate the “Twitter Block Chain” Google extension into your browser or navigate to your Twitter app settings to block these fake accounts. Alternatively, you can block them all simultaneously using the “Circlebloom Twitter” tool, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The aim is to simplify mass blocking, similar to deleting junk emails. This article introduces new tools and a step-by-step guide to streamline this process. Make sure to read till the end, as it will assist you in selecting the most suitable method to safeguard your Twitter experience from spam. You can also learn how to complain on Twitter.

Mass Block Twitter Users to Combat Spam

Individually blocking Twitter profiles can be annoying and time-consuming. twitter

Here are novel and straightforward ways to engage in the mass block Twitter accounts, ensuring a clutter-free and enjoyable experience on your Twitter handle. You can also know if someone else blocked you on Twitter. 

Utilize the “Advanced Options” in Settings 

For those wondering about mass blocking on Twitter, an ingenious technique exists. By leveraging Twitter’s built-in features, you can execute mass blocking with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account or sign up if you’re new to the platform.
  2. Access your profile settings after logging in.
  3. Navigate to the option for prohibited accounts.
  4. In the dropdown menu, you’ll find “Advanced Options.”
  5. This is where it gets interesting – you’re presented with advanced methods to “import” specific accounts for blocking.
  6. Compile a list of these account names and add them all simultaneously.

This method is the most secure because it requires no third-party assistance. But the other methods like the next one can save you time and effort for the next time.

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Use the “Twitter Block Chain” Google Chrome Extension

A handy Google extension called “Twitter Block Chain” is an exceptional tool to mass block Twitter spam with a single click.twitter login

  1. Install the extension.
  2. On Twitter, click on the accounts you wish to block.
  3. Let the extension work its magic, systematically blocking each account in succession.

Visit: Twitter Block Chain Google Extension

How to Mass Block Twitter Followers with the “Circlebloom Twitter” Tool: 

If you find yourself inundated with followers, some of whom appear questionable, fear not.  Circlebloom examines your followers and helps you decide whom to block. To mass block Twitter users using this tool: 

  1. Open your web browser and search for “Circlebloom Twitter.”
  2. Log in to your account or create a new one swiftly.
  3. Navigate to the side menu, click “Search,” then select “All My Followers.”
  4. Employ filters to sort out inactive, excessively active, fake, spammy, or suspicious followers.
  5. Choose the followers you wish to remove, then click “Remove Selected Followers.”
  6. Execute the “Remove Followers” action to initiate mass blocking through Circlebloom.

This widely praised website is a top choice for mass block Twitter followers, lauded for its user-friendly interface and compatibility with Windows and iOS platforms. You can also find people without the usernames on Twitter. 

Top 3 Third-party Apps for Bulk Unfollow 

SocialOomph, Auto Unfollow, and Twitter Karma are leading apps supporting bulk unfollowing. To provide a fair assessment, let’s get into the core features of these apps and analyze their contributions to mass blocking on Twitter:twitter


SocialOomph specializes in post-scheduling, contributing to the effective mass management of followers. To optimize this application, establish a posting schedule that maintains account activity, reducing the need for extensive unfollowing.

Auto Unfollow

This app empowers you to unfollow multiple accounts simultaneously, making it ideal for efficiently paring down your follow list. Follow these steps to achieve this: 

  1. Log in to the Twitter app using your credentials.
  2. Authorize the app to access your Twitter data.
  3. Review the accounts you’ve tracked.
  4. Select the number of accounts you intend to unfollow, such as spammy or invalid.
  5. Highlight your choices and let the app work magic; systematically unfollow selected accounts.

Your engagement increases after using this Twitter mass block technique, and no more spam accounts can hamper your business.

Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma offers a straightforward approach to managing your followers, enabling easy decisions regarding whom to follow and unfollow. Here’s how to make the most of it: twitter followers

  1. Visit the Twitter Karma website.
  2. Connect your Twitter account.
  3. After logging in, you’ll see a list of your followers and accounts you follow.
  4. Employ filters to sort the list based on criteria like the last tweet or follow the status.
  5. To block Twitter followers, you must manually block the accounts you wish to remove. Click on the user profile to perform this action.

While these third-party apps are highly beneficial for mass removal, exercise caution as some sites might lack security and potentially contain viruses. Always opt for reputable sources, peruse reviews, and adhere to their guidelines.

Utilise “Filters” and “Megablock” for Comprehensive Spam Account Blocking

Occasionally, one spam account might lead users to illegal or virus-laden websites that compromise device security by deploying cookies. These sites might also contain adult or sensitive content, disrupting your Twitter experience. To counter this, harness Twitter’s mass block filters with the following steps: 

  1. Apply filters to block all spam accounts automatically.
  2. Return to your settings and locate “Content Preferences,” allowing you to specify your desired content.
  3. Create filters to block specific words or topics associated with spam.
  4. If you’re weary of spammy content, consider this your virtual broom for sweeping it away.

 Achieve a Twitter Nuke Block with the Megablock Tool. Employ the Megablock tool to block not only a single tweet, its author and anyone who liked it.

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Adapt Your Follower Management for Altered Preferences

Monitor your followers, as they might inadvertently alter your customized preferences, attracting fake and spam users even from international locations due to Twitter’s global reach. Sometimes, it’s about enhancing your control rather than outright stopping others. twitterModify your “preferences” by accessing your list of followers. This allows you to set criteria for who can follow you, akin to crafting your VIP guest list for a quieter Twitter experience.


Is there a way to block multiple people at once on Twitter?

You can block multiple people at once on Twitter. Go to your settings, find the Blocked accounts section, and use the advanced tools to bring up a list of the accounts you want to block. It’s a great way to keep your feed clean and spam-free.

How do you block spam accounts on Twitter?

To block a spam account on Twitter, go to the spam account's profile, click the three dots, and select Block. This helps keep them away from unwanted products and connections.

Can you block all accounts on Twitter?

You can’t block all accounts on Twitter at once, but you can make your account private to give you more control over who can follow you. This limits your communication with people you agree with.

Does Twitter ban spam accounts?

Anyway, Twitter takes spam seriously. They have strict policies against spam accounts and frequently suspend or ban accounts that engage in spamming practices. So, they work to make your Twitter experience authentic and fun!


Proactively curating your interactions can substantially diminish the volume of spam. If you adhere to the strategies above and their respective steps, you can successfully engage in the mass block of Twitter users and proactively prevent the intrusion of spam.